Sunday, January 26, 2020

Senior Women Returning

sophie ruddickWe are excited to announce that midfielder Sophie Ruddick #7 will be wearing the yellow and black in Season 2019!
Nickname: Soph
Interesting fact: I like to listen to ‘For Crying out Loud’ by MeatLoaf in the car on the way to games as a bit of a mood setter / pump up.
What are you most excited about for the 2019 season? Catching up with all of the girls three times a week again and seeing what the new coaching staff will bring to the table!



sharnnidi mauro

Experienced midfielder Sharnni Di Mauro #2 will be wearing the yellow and black again next year. Season 2019 will be her 15th year of football! Sharno tells us “I’m really looking forward to growing on the success we have had throughout the last few years”. Welcome back Sharno!





carly robsonWe are excited to announce that tough midfielder Carly Robson #18 will be a Panther again next year. Robbo has played 8 seasons with the club, 4 of which have been as captain. The respected leader tells us that she has an over the top obsession with the playing group! Robbo is most excited about a new structure and team goals for Season 2019, and looks forward to playing another Season in Div 1.




emily wilkinsonWe are excited to see the return of Emily Wilkinson #13 to the Panthers backline in 2019. Affectionately known as Milko or Wilko, Emily will be paying her 4th season for the club and is also assuming the off-field roles as Treasurer and Uniform Coordinator in the Women’s Committee. Milko is most looking forward to a fresh start and seeing how far the Panthers can go in Div 1! Welcome back to the yellow and black.




renee cellanteRecently named 2019 CPFC Women’s Coordinator, Renee Cellante #3 returns to the field next year. Playing mostly in the midfield / forward pocket, Ren is looking forward to her 7th year playing for the Panthers. Ren is most excited about preseason camp and seeing the Panthers make their mark in Div 1! Welcome back Renee.





sally lakeIt is with great excitement that we announce Sally Lake #20 will be playing in the yellow and black again next year! Sal unfortunately missed most of Season 2018 due to injury, but will return as an experienced forward and midfielder next year. Mustang has been around the club since 2014 when she started playing in juniors, and is keen to stick with it and enjoy another season at the club. Welcome back Sal!




Ella hopkinsonThe skilled half bank flanker Ella Hopkinson #31 will return to the Panthers in Season 2019. Hoppy, as she is affectionately known, has taken on an off-field role as Media coordinator next year. Hoppy and her family epitomise the Chirny spirit, often volunteering their time and proudly supporting the yellow and black. Hoppy is most excited about further developing and improving her skills in presason ready for a big 2019. Welcome back Hoppy!




Bianca dixonCPFC Womens are excited to see the return of Bianca Dixon #50 in the yellow and black in Season 2019. The versatile player is comfortable at both ends of the field, playing in the forward and back pockets. B will be playing her 4th season for the Panthers and is most excited about kicking goals (when she’s playing forward) and further developing her tackling skills (when she’s in defence). Welcome back B!




katie fowlerToday sees the announcement of another versatile player, Katie Fowler #43 returning to play for the Panthers in 2019. While relatively new to footy, KT easily switches between her roles at centre half forward and centre half back. KT’s fun fact is that she’s watched 10 games of footy, and has played in 7, and she is most excited about developing her kicking skills in preseason. Great to see you back in the yellow and black KT!




jessica mcckaskerGood things come in threes. 2019 sees the return of another versatile player Jessica McCasker #11, who after a successful 2018 Season has played almost every position on the ground, from full back to full forward and everywhere in between! Macca became a Panther in 2016 after playing her first season of footy in London, and is most excited about hitting the 50-game mark in Season 2019! Welcome back Macca.




Lauren HowellIt is with great excitement that CPFC Womens can announce the return of experienced footballer Lauren Howell #33 in Season 2019. Loz is our Chief at full back, where she displays great strength and leadership on field. Loz has been at CPFC since the girls side began 10 years ago, and she tells us she wouldn’t change a thing about it. Loz is most excited for the season to start, just so that she can get back to playing footy with the best bunch of girls you could ask for. Welcome back Chief!




molly quiltyIn Season 2019 we welcome back Molly Quilty #58. Molly is new to footy, having just played her very first season, and we are so happy that she chose to play for the Panthers. Mol, who plays mostly in the back pocket, was excited that she was recognised for her work last season winning an award. Looking ahead to next year, Mol is keen to get back to pre season to further develop her skills and get back on the track with the girls. Welcome back Molly.




sam asburyWe look forward to the return of half back / winger Samantha Asbury #12 in Season 2019. Sam is relatively new to footy, having played her first season in 2018. She is most excited about joining the playing group again in preseason to further develop skills and work towards a big 2019, and is excited about her role on the Womens Committee working with Media and Marketing. Welcome back Sam.




Georgia ThomasToday we are excited to announce that the reliable half-back Georgia Thomas #37 will be playing for CPFCW in Season 2019. GT kicks with the right foot, hand balls with her left hand, and also loves a ‘shimmy’. She tells us that she is most excited about having a second crack in Div 1. “I think if we build off last season we will be real contenders in the league.” Welcome back GT!




brooke slaneyAnother day, another player announcement! Today we are excited to announce the return of Brooke Slaney #46 to the yellow and black. Chook is an experienced midfielder and forward pocket and will be playing her 10th year of footy in 2019! She tells us that she is excited about getting back onto the field and taking on Division 1. Good to have you back Chook!





kate priestleyToday we announce the return of the versatile Kate Priestley #27 to the Panthers in Season 2019. Kateo’s fun fact is that she hasn’t played a season without having bung ankles (4 seasons and counting)! Funnily enough, she tells us that she also doesn’t know anymore what position she plays, as she’s covered almost every part of the ground. Kateo is most excited about new development and another great season in Div 1! Welcome back Kate!




rachel lowmanCPFCW are pleased to announce the return of Rachel Lohman #38 to the yellow and black in Season 2019. Kenny, as she is more commonly known, will be playing her fourth season for the Panthers and is an important addition to the wing and half forward flank. Kenny tells us that she is most excited about getting back out there and playing with a great group of girls, and seeing what we can do in another year in Div 1. Welcome back Kenny!