Thursday, October 17, 2019

Mid Season Review Senior Women

Senior Women's Mid-Season Report

Reflecting on our year so far has been a positive affair; starting the year off being moved up another division our ladies now sit in Division 1 of the South East Women’s Football League and as a coach I could not be prouder.
We knew this would be a big task that would challenge our resolve, game plan and execution as we took on opponents with a lot of class who had sat in this division for some time.

True to the panther spirit they have grabbed the challenge with both hands and gone all out for it; although some doubt had lingered around our ability to compete at this level, we currently sit in a competitive ladder position and week to week our football improves.
I wholeheartedly believe the back half of our season will be our strongest, with the girls understanding of each other and their role in the field gaining every week.

Bolstered by the inclusion of 9 VFLW ranked players, senior women's football at Chirnside looks exciting for this season and beyond.


Meg Stephens - Coach


Senior Reserve Women's Mid-Season Report

Well what an exciting start for our reserves ladies this year being moved up to Division 1 of the Eastern Region Women’s Competition in the EFL and with another successful year in the AFLW, we had again seen a swell in numbers to the track with plenty of new faces joining the ranks at Chirnside Park.

Full of fresh enthusiasm the team hit the track pre-season and set about building and improving fundamental skill sets and learning to understand a new game and game plan.

Led by quality leadership the team took the first two wins for their season and looked to be on the march, but as happens in football injuries struck early leaving a few to rest up on the sidelines.
Currently sitting 6th in a highly competitive ladder, the season is looking bright, with every intention on building towards finals footy.

Caz Pruden - Coach