Sunday, January 26, 2020

Prowler Newsletters

Welcome to the The Prowler Newsletter for 2019. After 14 years of being the editor of the prowler newsletter, "The Prowler" has handballed the club newsletter to a new editor Luke Folino "AKA" Mouse.

Over the long journey it's been most enjoyable, collating match reports promoting club functions and much more - the time has now come for someone much younger to take the reins to ensure the club newsletter continues for many more years.

If you have any announcements ie birthdays, engagements, births please contact Luke by email- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Signing off now "The Prowler”


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Round 1 April 6 v Whitehorse Pioneers

Round 2 April 13 v Sth Belgrave

Round 3 April 27 v Donvale

Round 4 May 4 v Glen Waverley Hawks

Round 5 May 11 v Warrandyte

Round 6 May 18 v Waverley Blues

Round 7 May 25 v FTGully & Round 8 v June 1 v Whitehorse Pioneers

Round 9 June 15 v Sth Belgrave 

Round 10  June 22 v Donvale

Round 11 June 29 v Glen Waverley Hawks 

Round 12 July 6 v Warrandyte

Round 13 July 13 v Waverley Blues 

Round 14 July 20 v FT Gully

Round 15 & 16 

Round 17