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Best Club Person

The Club Person of The Year Award recognises a club member who has strived above and beyond the normal call of duty for the club in a voluntary capacity during the year for the overall benefit of the club and its members.

The Club Person of The Year is someone who has made a REAL difference to the Club in that time. The award is presented annually at Presentation Night.

The following recipients who have been bestowed this honour are all very worthy winners of the best clubperson award.

Year  Recipient
 1991    Not Awarded
 1992  Not Awarded
 1993  Glenn Oakley  
 1994  Bob Bennett
 1995  Chris Alsbury
 1996  Mrs.Cath Buckland   
 1997  Mrs.Myrene Egan 
 1998  Mick Carusi
 1999  Mark Skipor
 2000  Gary Annells
 2001  Greg Ludbrook
 2002  Mrs.Karen Annells  
 2003  Mrs.Karen Annells
 2004  Rob Mowat & Adam Gromadovski  
 2005  Mrs.Jan Skipor
 2006  Andre Renkema
 2007  Mrs.Judy Ince
 2008  Allan Cousins & Geoff Peirce
 2009  Mrs.Rennie Smith
 2010  Geoff Peirce
 2011  Rob Mowat
 2012  Gordon Wheeler
 2013  Wayne Thompson
 2014  Marcus Walker
 2015  Leroy Eisele
 2016  Tracy Cornish
 2017  Phil O'Brien
 2018  Steven Young
 2019  John Wharton