Chirnside Vets Premiership Sides

       The originals - the team that started it all. This team notable for containing many ex-Chirnside teamates and some handy recruits.

       Despite the obvious calibre of some of the recruits it was still very much a champion team rather than team of champions.

       The Grand Final was an epic struggle against North Croydon which was in doubt right until the final siren.

       Stirring words from Jack D'Angelo at 3/4 time lifting the boys to a victory which had been a long time coming for many Chirnside old timers.

 vets premiers 2001

                               2004 PREMIERS


 vets premiers 2004

       Arguably the strongest team the vets ever fielded. Enjoyed an undefeated year and

       eventually fairly comprehensive winners over North Croydon in the grand final.