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Tuesday, January 25, 2022


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Coterie Group Raffle

Dave HarmanToday the Chirnside Park Coterie Group drew the long awaited beer raffle

President Dave Harman thanked everyone for their gernerous support in these hard times we are presently going through with the Covid-19 situation.

This raffle has enabled The Coterie group to raised $3600.00 after expenses for the club great effort, 


The prizes were

1st prize 30 Slabs of Beer

2nd prize 10 slabs of beer

3rd prize 5 slabs of beer

The lucky winners are 

1st Marcus Robinson from the Vets Masters

2nd The Mosca Family (Juniors)

3rd Digga 

President Dave Harman has contacted all the winners by phone - and they are extremley happy people  

again thank you for your support in these difficult times CPFC Coterie Group