Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Round 14 v Knox

Knox 4.11.35 defeated Chirnside Park 2.11.23

Goal Kickers: S. Ruddick, E. Hales 1

Best Players: H. Scott, G. Bradshaw, E. Hales, A. Willet, S. Asbury, E. Hopkinson


Shaping up for the final roll of the dice, this was a must win game if the reserves were to keep their finals hopes alive.

A very tough and talented opponent lay ahead of them, but the girls remained positive in their ability to put strong football out on the park.
Conditions were ok, a wet ground but no rain and slight breeze would make the football less scrappy.
A last minute fire up from Coach Caz and Captain Soph and the first quarter was underway.

From the start the panthers were playing a physical and structured brand of footy, matching Knox bump for bump. Strong defensive play from the backline saw multiple opposition forward entries thwarted off, and strong run and carry gave Chirnside plenty of opportunity but inaccuracy hindering a stronger score line; Knox managing 2 majors for the first half to Chirnside’s 10 points.

The second half challenge was set, maintain this intensity and kick a couple of goals and were are right back in this.

Some quick ball movement and an open forward line saw a Captains goal scored, and a running goal from E. Hales bringing Chirnside’s score line close, Knox managed another two majors in the second half also but were troubled by inaccuracy in front.
The panthers unfortunately not leaving the ground victorious but the ladies can hold their heads high and proud of the season they put together, for many it was their very first experience of this amazing game and they did it with true panther spirit.

The coaching staff and committee could not be prouder of those who took the field this year.

Written by Coach Caz

Round 13 v Seaford

Seaford 1.0.6 lost to Chirnside Park 17.13.115

Goal Kickers: A. Evans 6, R. Palmer, K. Toomer 4, R. Cellante, A. Leslie, S. Ruddick 1

Best Players: C. Robson, R. Lohman, K. Toomer, A. Evans, J. Dahlstrom, C. Arthur


This week the team headed to the beach to face off with the Tigerettes at their home ground.

Heading into this match the team knew it would be a physical contest and a mental challenge to maintain focus and intensity for 4 quarters of footy.
Conditions were warmer than we had been used to, but again fair weather football for our seniors.

A very strong start for the panthers with the rucks winning the taps straight to our midfielders, and smart delivery forward seeing a 5 goal quarter for the panthers, the Tigerettes sneaking 1 major late in the term.
From then on it was one way traffic, the challenge to maintain the current intensity and shift up another gear.

Again strong runs across the ground and clean disposals saw Chirnside control the flow of the game, and plenty of forward line entries resulting in multiple goal scorers across the board; solid efforts from the backline whose focus never wavered left Seaford scoreless for the remainder of the match.

At the final siren Chirnside finding themselves convincing victors.

Written by Coach Skip


Round 13 v Waverley Blues

Chirnside Park 1.3.9 lost to Waverley Blues 7.4.46

Goal Kickers: A. Barker

Best Players: E. Sneath, J. Mandl, S. de Cler, G. Bradshaw, C. Arthur, E. Hales


It's been a tough run on the scoreboard for our reserves lately, and coming into this game it was important to the finals campaign to come away in front.
The girls in weeks gone by have been decimated with injury, but their pride and commitment to each other never wained.
The first half of footy was a close and competitive hit out, the Chirnside swirling breeze having impact on on-goal accuracy for both sides. Strong ruckwork and clean ball movement saw Chirnside get good first use of the ball but were unable to capitalise. Ending first half scores Chirnside 0.3.3 to Waverley 1.3.9.

The third quarter was much the same across the ground, competitive for both sides but Chirnside still winning first use and stamping their own physicality in the match; Waverley managed to wrangle the breeze to their advantage and were able to strongly capitalise with 5 majors for the quarter, leaving Chirnside with a 6 goal deficit.

Coach Caz put it to the girls to leave nothing in the tank for the last quarter, one final roll of the dice and give it their all.

That they did, keeping Waverley to one goal for the quarter and managing 1 major for themselves.
Although the scoreboard didn't reflect it, the girls showed great heart and development, the coaches proud of their efforts

Written by Coach Caz

Round 12 v Cranbourne

Chirnside Park 12.16.88 defeated Cranbourne 0.0.0

Goal Kickers: E. Sneath 3, K. Toomer, E. Wilkins 2, B. Slaney, R. Palmer, K. Priestley, E. Dykstra, C. Arthur 1

Best Players: E. Sneath, C. Graczyk, J. Borg, C. Robson, E. Dykstra, R. Cellante


This was always going to be a different game for the senior girls.
With Cranbourne unable to fill a side our players and coach, in the spirit of the game, had offered to play 15 a side and offered up some spare players to help Cranbourne with their numbers.
Already the challenge was different, this change in structure and numbers would set a different tone for the match and challenged the girls focus and ability to maintain structure in a different set up.
Right from the first bounce Chirnside came out strong, with the clean play they have become known for and great delivery forward saw quick scores hitting the board.

Halftime scores saw Chirnside 9.8.62 to Cranbourne 0.0.0

With Cranbourne losing more players to injury in the second and third quarters, the game was dropped to 13 a side and us sending some more top up players over to help out a side in need.

The strong clean play continued and again, although the change in numbers, the girls maintained structure and showed great discipline in doing so. Fantastic instinctive football, clean delivery and smart running saw a strong second half and in the end a convincing win for more reasons than just the score on the board.

Written by Coach Skip

Round 12 v Upper FernTree Gully Development Team

Upper Ferntree Gully 2.4-16 4.6-30  5.8-38  8.14-62
Chirnside Park          0.0     0.2-  2  1.6-12  2.  6-18


Following a loss and a week off, the girls hit the track fresh and ready to improve coming into their next match.

Right off the bat we knew the job wasn't going to be easy, competing with huge winds was not going to favour anyone.

A solid warm up and quick word from the coach, the girls were ready to take the field and face the challenge ahead.

The home side came out strong, kicking a few quick unanswered goals and putting immediate scoreboard pressure on Chirnside.

Quarter break had the coach asking the girls to increase their work rate around the contest and spread the space creating a tough quarter for the home side and seeing Chirnside hit the scoreboard.

The wind continued to hamper efforts for the remainder of the game, with Chirnside not able to wield the gale to our advantage.

A tough day at the office for our Development team heading into the last few rounds of the season.

Round 11 v Eastern Devils Senior Women

Eastern Devils  1.0 -6 1.0  -6  1.0-  6  1.0- 6
Chirnside Park 4.2-26 5.4-34  6.6-42  6.7-43

Goal Kickers: R. Palmer 2, A. DeRooy, J. Mandl, B. Slaney, E. Wilkins
Best Players: G. Macpherson, B. Slaney, J. Dahlstrom, R. Cellante, E. Wilkinson, C. Wilkinson


The seniors headed to Mt Waverley Reserve to meet the Eastern Devils for the second time this season.

Last time they met it was a scrappy affair with Chirnside prevailing by 1 solitary point.

With this in the back of their minds the girls were keen to show the league and the opposition just how far they have come and how much they had improved.

Once again the winds had pushed the weather away and we were in for some fair weather footy, and after a brief meeting in the middle and check on conditions it was time to switch on and get prepared.

As always it was important for a strong start from the first bounce, and that's exactly what we did with great links of play and hitting the scoreboard with 4 majors, only allowing 1 major for the opponent for the quarter.
The remainder of the match was a tougher contest for both sides, physical pressure was apparent with both sides increasing tackle efforts, smart play seeing Chirnside hit the board with another two majors.

Inaccuracy in front of goals meant not every opportunity was taken, strong defensive efforts held the Devils to their 1 goal scored in the first and as the final siren sounded Chirnside found themselves victorious.

Round 11 v Bayswater Development Team

Chirnside Park  0.0      1.0- 6  1.1-  7  1.1-    7
Bayswater        2.4-16 3.6-24  6.8-44  9.14-68

Goal Kickers: S. de Cler
Best Players: A. Leslie, J. Friend, E. Hopkinson, V. Clarke, A. Barker, A. Willett


A tough day lay ahead for the development side as they prepared to take on 2nd on ladder Bayswater.

Last time they met it was a hard fought close match that saw Bayswater sneak the victory by one point.

Struggling with a big outs list, Chirnside came in with a full side of fresh faced players, less experienced but full of enthusiasm.

50 games for our Women's President Chantel Collins was an inspiring factor driving the enthusiasm, but it was a tough affair all day.

Bayswater commanded the lead early, but not without hard hits from their panther counterparts.

The physicality was something the coaches had been working on developing and the girls did not disappoint; sadly our 50 gamer Collins was out late in the first quarter suffering what turned out to be a fractured wrist ending her season early.

The girls rallied all morning but the score never fell in our favour; however there were many positives to take away, and some new strategies were trialled successfully.


Round 10 v Mornington Senior Women

Chirnside Park  2.2-14 3.6-24  5.7-37 13.11-89
Mornington       1.0-  6 1.1-  7 1.2-  8   1.  2- 8

Goal Kickers: R. Palmer 7, B. Slaney 2, A. Evans 2, E. Wilkins, K. Toomer
Best Players: B. Slaney, C. Graczyk, J. Borg, C. Robson, L. Howell, R. Palmer


This week was being touted as "redemption round" as the senior girls sized up to take on ladder leaders Mornington at Home.
Last time we met was back in round 1 at Mornington's home and were touched up with a 50 point loss.

The girls have since worked hard on the track, constantly using the lessons learnt from that hard loss to fuel their progression and preparation for their chance to re-challenge the bench mark team of the competition.
50 games for club favourite Erin 'Ezalenko' Sneath adding another exciting layer to the day.

The rooms were abuzz with nervous but positive energy as coach Skip ran through the game plan for the day.
From the first bounce, 4 quarters of relentless footy was the required effort, and it was time.

The first quarter was a tough affair with both sides coming out hard, but we held strong, stayed disciplined to the plan managing 2.2 and edging in front of Mornington's 1.0

The signs were there early, maintain this intensity and discipline, play like a team for each other and the success would be ours.

The second quarters clean play but inaccuracy saw us add 1.4 to the score seeing a half time total of 3.6; but strong defensive efforts managed to only allow 1 minor for the visitors, heading into half time 17 points in front.

Aware that the lead was not a comfortable one, the girls knew that 40 minutes of hard football lay ahead. Re-address the plan, tweak the pattern of play, one final pump up and the girls were ready, full of belief and direction.

The second half was all our way, sleek game play and strong defensive efforts meant great delivery forward, adding 10.5 to our total, and only allowing the visitors 1 minor for the half.

This was definitely our strongest game to date and a positive outlook coming into the business end of the season with an 81 point victory over a top 2 side.

Round 9 v Mt Evelyn Development Team

Chirnside Park  0.0     1.1- 7    1.7- 7   1.  7- 7
Mount Evelyn   5.1-31 6.4-40 10.8-68 10.11-71

Goal Kickers: W. Boyle
Best Players: B. Dixon , W. Boyle, A. Barker, C. Jackson, A. Willett, H. Scott


Goal Kickers: W. Boyle
Best Players: B. Dixon , W. Boyle, A. Barker, C. Jackson, A. Willett, H. Scott

Round 8 v Beaconsfield Senior Women

Chirnside Park  3.2-20  3.3-21  5.3-33  6.4-40
Beaconsfield     0.0      3.1-19  3.1-19  4.1-25

Goal Kickers: A. Evans 4, B. Kirwin, C. Robson
Best Players: C. Graczyk, A. Evans, C. Robson, J. Borg, C. Wilkinson, D. Tamos


Coming off the back of an important win the girls had worked hard on the track and were keen to take it to another top 4 side, this time facing Beaconsfield who held 3rd position.

The previous week had shown us that our game plan when being effectively executed was good enough to bring the success, and the girls took the confidence from this out onto the ground.

Wanting to start from the first bounce, the enthusiasm was palpable and the first quarter was off to a flyer. Great ball movement across the ground and great attack from the forwards saw us hitting the scoreboard 3.2 and keeping the opponents to nil.

The second quarter the visitors weren't going to take lying down after being caught on the back foot, charging in with 3 majors of their own, with Chirnside managing only the 2 points.

At the half time break only holding a 2 point lead, the coach addressed game plan issues, and changed up rotations. The girls had refocussed and knew that they had to go to work.

Captain Carly Robson stepping up and doing the hard work, leading by example and inspiring her troops to do the same saw a new intensity to the second half.

Managing 3.1 for the second half, the girls showed great endeavour to work through the tough patches together, every player playing their role at the required moment and making the most of opportunities presented.

When the final siren sounded the panthers found themselves victorious, again showing how hard work and perseverance can pay off.

They can now enjoy a week off before taking on yet another top 4 side the following week.

Round 8 v Yarra Junction Development Team

Yarra Junction   0.0 0. 1-1      0.  3- 3    0. 5-  5
Chirnside Park   0.6-6  4.9-33 6.11-47 10.13-73

Goal Kickers: W. Boyle 3, D. Millott 2, J. McCasker, C. Jackson, E. Hopkinson, J. Farnell, B. Dixon
Best Players: D. Millott, W. Boyle, B. Dixon , E. Hopkinson, C. Jackson, J. McCasker

Coming off the back of our last defeat the girls had hit the track hard and were keen to give their all for 4 quarters and get back amongst the winners circle.

With injuries, illness and players unavailable we were struggling to make up numbers and in the end had to play 16 a side footy.

In cold and wet conditions the girls rose above their adversities, peppering the goals early but only managing 6 points.

Second quarter and he girls had found some form, playing the space and some clean ball movement resulting in 4.3 for the quarter and only allowing 1 minor from the opposition.

Half time break the girls up and about not letting the lack of numbers phase them, they entered the final quarters with heads held high and continued the game in a similar fashion to the 2nd.

Multiple goal kickers increasing the score in each quarter, some new found physicality and confidence.

The girls finishing the match with a strong score line and a chance to sing the song.

Round 7 v Edithvale-Aspendale Senior Women

Edi-Asp           0.3-3  1.4-10  1.5-11  2.8-20
Chirnside Park 0.1-1  3.1-19  6.3-39  6.5-41

Goal Kickers: A. Evans 2, E. Sneath, R. Lohman, R. Cellante, K. Toomer 1

Best Players: C. Wilkinson, A. Evans, E. Wilkinson, E. Stafford. J. Dahlstrom, R. Cellante

It was back on the road for our next match, and meeting 4th on the ladder, the girls were excited to get the match underway and see how far our game plan and training will get us against a top 4 side.

The sun was out and we were in for some great fair weather footy, once again the girls started slow taking most of the first quarter to find their rhythm only managing 1 minor but strong defensive efforts keeping the home side to only 3 minors.

Quarter break and some game plan issues addressed by the coach, the girls took the field with some direction and focus. Mid field winning first use and forward movement resulting in an open forward line saw the panthers hit the board with 3 majors straight, and another strong defensive quarter seeing the home side only managing 1.1; heading into the half time break the girls were excited at the opportunity that was unfolding.

After a re-structure of the rotations and addressing ball movement awareness, the girls re took the field with an air of confidence and playing their best quarter of the game, some big runs breaking lines in the midfield and wing, confident runs from the back and great attacking run from the half forwards another 3.1 for the panthers taking them out to a 28 point lead.

The challenge for the final quarter was to maintain focus and keep the lead, the home side came at us strong in the final quarter and managed to chip away at our lead and stifling our attack with only 2 minors for the girls but still finding ourselves victorious at the final siren and stepping into the top 4.

Round 7 v Knox Development Team

Chirnside Park  0.0      1.0-  6   1.1 -7   2.  5-17
Knox                3.5-23 8.7-55 11.9-75 12.13-85

Goal Kickers: L. Oswald 4, R. Palmer 3, K. Priestley, E. Dykstra
Best Players: L. Oswald, A. Evans, C. Wilkinson, R. Palmer, E. Dykstra, L. Howell


The midst of winter was apparent with the early game of our next double header in home turf.
The Chirnside fog had descended and icy conditions were the order of the day.
Playing with our lowest numbers of the season so far, it was a slow start for the girls remaining scoreless in the first quarter, and having 3 majors kicked against.
The experience of the opposition continued through the second with another 5 goals to our 1.
Half time re assess and re visit of the game plan inspired the girls but again Knox was strong in their scoring kicking another 3 majors with the panthers only managing a minor for the quarter.
The final quarter of the match and our last chance to contribute, saw a fired up Chirnside and plenty of opportunity in front of goals but only slotting 1 major and 4 minors; strong defensive efforts kept the visitors to 1 goal 4 points as well.
The final score line not indicative of the girls endeavour, we look forward to seeing how we can bounce back.

Round 6 v Stkilda Senior Women

Chirnside Park   2.4-16 4.8-32  7.9-51  9.9-63
St Kilda Sharks  0.0     1.1  -7 1. 2 -8  2.2-14

Goal Kickers: L. Oswald 4, R. Palmer 3, K. Priestley, E. Dykstra
Best Players: L. Oswald, A. Evans, C. Wilkinson, R. Palmer, E. Dykstra, L. Howell

The fog had lifted and the sun was shining for our second match of the day.
The seniors were chomping at the bit to get back on the park after the long weekend bye; game plan fresh, coaches words ringing in their ears they hit the ground running scoring 2.4 and keeping our opponents scoreless.
Second quarter was and almost a mirror of the first with the panthers adding another 2.4, the visitors managing to sneak 1.1 past our formidable back line.
At the Half time break Captain Robbo reminded the girls exactly what we are capable of and to not switch off, and Coach re-addressed the game plan and new structures to implement for the second half.
Chirnside managing an exciting 5.1 for the second half of footy playing strong forward structures and entries, with strong defensive efforts only allowing the visitors 1.1 for the entire half.
A strong performance from the girls and some impressive passages of play showing us what we are capable of.
We now look towards the next fortnight of footy and some important games for the season.

Round 5 v Heathmont

Chirnside Park 0.2-2  5.2-32  6.6-42  10.7-67
Heathmont      0.1-1   0.1- 1  0.3-  3    1.3- 9

Best Players: E. Dykstra, A. Barker, J, Dahlstrom, B. Horton, M. Jago, K. Wasson

Goal Kickers: A. Barker, J. Freeman, G. Bradshaw 2, S. de Cler, A. Bailey, C. Jackson, W. Boyle 1


Coming off the bye the girls were fresh and ready to hit the field strong.

Another week of playing 15 a side footy to even up numbers the girls struggled in the first quarter to find their footing only managing 2 minor scores.

The physicality from Heathmont had them shaken but some redirection from coach and the girls came out much stronger in the second quarter slotting 5 straight majors and keeping Heathmont to 1 point.

Re-addressing our intensity at the contest coach Cass sent the girls out hungry to improve and although there was plenty of opportunities, inaccuracy in front saw Chirnside only slotting 1.4 in the 3rd.

By the final quarter the girls had found their groove and ran away with 4.1, finishing with a strong 58 point win.

Round 4 v Eastern Devils

Chirnside Park 1.8-14 1.9-15 3.12-30 3.12-30
Eastern Devils  0.0     3.3-21 3.  3-21 4. 5-29

Best Players: B. Slaney, K. Priestley, C. Graczyk, C. Wilkinson,
R. Lohman, L. Howell

Goal Kickers: A. Evans 2, R. Palmer 1


The team were back at home for our second hit out on home turf and second double header with the reserves.

The girls had worked hard on the track during the week and knew that Eastern Devils were a proud club and a tough opponent.

Intensity at every stoppage from the first bounce was the order of the day and the girls were keen to get started.

A strong wind down the ground aided movement into the forward 50 but inaccuracy in front of goals saw Chirnside kick 1.9 and kept the Devils scoreless.

The Devils took better advantage of the wind in the second quarter kicking 3.3 with the Panthers only adding 1 minor to the score.

Back with the wind and a new focus after the half time address from the coach and the Panthers came out strong, some clean passages of play saw the Panthers hit the board with another 2.3 again keeping the Devils scoreless.

The final quarter was a tense affair as the Panthers tried valiantly to defend a 9 point lead and gain further ahead, but the wind was proving tough to enter the forward line for scores.

The Panthers remained scoreless in the final quarter with the Devils missing opportunities due to some strong defensive efforts in the final minute, the Panthers coming away 1 point winners and taking another 4 points for the ladder.

Round 3 v Cranbourne

Cranbourne      0.0  0   0.0  0    1. 1-  7   2.  1- 13
Chirnside Park 4.3-27 10.9-69 13.10-88 18.12-120

Best Players: J. Mandl, J Van Dyk, B. Slaney, C. Wilkinson, K. Priestley,
A. Evans

Goal Kickers: L. Oswald, K. Toomer 3, A. Evans, R. Palmer, K. Priestley,
B. Slaney, E. Wilkins 2, C. Arthur, R. Cellante 1


Chirnside were back on the road for their next match, travelling down to Casey Fields to play Cranbourne.
Eager to gain our first win on the road the girls had worked hard on the track during the week and came with a buzz pre match.

Led by inspirational efforts from our captain the girls came out strong from the first bounce, executing the game plan cleanly and hitting the board for 4 majors.

The second quarter saw much of the same play and the scoreboard pressure continued to increase with another 6 in the second quarter, heading into the half time break with a 10 goal lead.

A few extra directives from coach and the second half was underway, the main point was to continue the relentless footy that was played in the first half.

With strong mid field efforts and good run from the wings and flankers at both ends another 8 majors were scored for the second half, and only 2 majors allowed through from the backs.

End results were a strong win to the panthers and the girls are back on home turf this weekend and look to continue this good form.

Round 3 v Norwood Development Team

Chirnside Park   2 .1-13   5.4-34  8.9-57  10.10-70
Norwood           1-  1. 7   1. 3- 9  1 3-  9    3. 4-22

Best Players: D. Millott, A. Leslie, C. Jackson, V Clarke, A. Bailey, B. Horton

Goal Kickers: W. Boyle 4, S. de Cler 2, E. Dykstra, C. Jackson, A. Barker, J. Freeman 1


You could feel a buzz around the rooms as our reserves prepared themselves for their 3rd competitive hit out and our very first double header for senior women's footy at Chirnside Park.

A different start to our day saw Norwood only having 13 players available; in the spirit of the game and in true Chirnside fashion we sent two girls over to even up the numbers and dropped on field numbers to play 15 a side footy.

The change in numbers and structures appeared to have our panthers rattled in the first quarter (not something the girls are used to or had prepared for); but rising above the conditions they managed 2 majors in the first quarter, with Norwood's only score (1 point) coming from one of our players who jumped across.

Addressing structural issues at quarter break the girls didn't look back hitting the board 3 more times in the second quarter and playing better footy.

Our second half saw the Chirny train continue to roll on through slotting another 5 majors for the second half and only allowing 3 from our opponents all day, with strong efforts across all lines of play and impressive transition footy it was another great day at the office for our reserves.

Round 2 v Seaford Senior Women

Chirnside Park 2.2-14  3.3-21 4.6-30  6.7-43
Seaford           1.0-  6  1.0- 6  1.0- 6   2.1-13

Best Players: C. Robson, J. Mandl, K. Toomer, E. Wilkins, C. Graczyk, A. Evans

Goal Kickers: R. Palmer 3, K. Toomer 2, B. Slaney 1


It was welcome to the jungle footy with all five senior teams playing at home, one huge day for the club and a huge day for women's footy with the first double-header ever for the girls at Chirnside.

The senior women's were coming off the back of a loss in round 1, and all were keen to put the hard work from the training track into the game and improve across the board.

The girls started from the first bounce, playing tough contested footy in all lines of play, Seaford not backing away from the contest either which saw a pretty physical affair in the first half of footy.

Chirnside managing to hit the board with 3 majors in the first half; and strong defensive efforts only allowing Seaford to slide 1 major through.

Not out of trouble the girls knew that Seaford would come into the second half ready to reply, but our continued relentless efforts held strong and we managed to hit the board another 3 times.

Final score line saw Chirnside come away with a 30 point victory and exciting times ahead for our senior women's team.

Next week's game Saturday 20 May, 10am @ Cranbourne

Round 2 v Upper Ferntree Gully Development Team

Chirnside Park          1.0-  6  4.3-27  7.6-48  10.14-74
Upper Ferntree Gully 3.0-18  3.0-18  3.0-18     3. 1-19

Best Players: J. Mandl, S. de Cler, A. Barker, V. Clarke, A. Leslie,
S. Ruddick

Goal Kickers: J. Freeman 2, S. de Cler 2, G. Bradshaw 2, A. Barker 2, S. Ruddick, J. Mandl


Chirnside vs Upper Fern Tree Gully at home

Following a strong win in our first match the reserves headed into our first home game hungry to go 2-0 and win on home turf.

The first quarter saw us off to a shaky start with Upper Gully getting 3 quick major scores and putting on the scoreboard pressure.

After some re-direction from coach Cass and a pep talk from Captain Sophie Ruddick, the girls took a strangle hold on the second quarter with strong runs out of defense by numerous players including Ash Leslie and Mikaela Jago; and a more aggressive approach to forward pressure, locking the ball in and opening up scoring opportunities.

The second half saw Chirnside using the space more effectively, running the wings and moving the ball by hand to create the spare player resulting in numerous scoring shots. Strong performances from Ness in ruck and Jamie across half back and wing, Chirnside managed to slot 10 majors for the match and only allowed Upper Gully one minor score in 3 quarters.

Final scores Chirnside 10.14.74 - Upper Ferntree Gully 3.1.19.
Another very impressive performance for our reserves.

Round 1 v Mornington Senior Women

Mornington       2.6-18  4.9-33  8.13-61  8.13-61
Chirnside Park 1.0-  6  1.3-  9  1. 5-11   1.  5-11

Best Players: B. Slaney, C. Robson, C. Wilkinson, J. Borg, C. Graczyk, E. Wilkins

Goal Kickers: R. Lohman


Sunday saw our senior women's side venturing down to Alexandra park
Mornington for their season opener against the home team.

Umpire appreciation round and viewing the unfurling of Mornington's 2016 premiership flag got things underway; then it was time for first bounce and game on.

Conditions were tough with a strong wind blowing straight down the ground and Chirnside starting with kicking into the wind. Mornington got off to a flyer putting on early scoreboard pressure, but that didn't stop Chirnside linking some great play by hand out of the centre and hitting Rachael Palmer on chest out of full forward, slotting our first and only major for the day.

Physical, tough competitive footy was the order with morning flooding at the stoppages and making for more contested football not allowing the free running game Chirnside love to play; using the conditions to their advantage Mornington continued to hit the scoreboard through the second quarter. Half time break saw coach Skip emphasise the space on the wings and encouraged Chirnside to stay wide in attack and to step up the tough defensive efforts.

Coming into the final half we saw improvement in Chirnside's play; a more physical affair from the away side and great courageous efforts across the ground; the ruck triple threat in DeRooy, Lake and Borg saw more first touch wins from mid-field , fearless pressure from numerous players including Slaney (in for her first match as a Panther) and some rushed points adding to Chirnside's score line.
Holding Mornington scoreless in the final quarter saw Chirnside going down 8.13.61- 1.5.11; it was a courageous effort in tough conditions against a quality opponent.
The girls now look ahead to next weeks big double header at Kimberley reserve.


Pre Season Review

Season starts early May

2017 brings a whole new landscape for women's footy! With the predicted success of the AFLW generating a boom of interest of women and girls to play, leading to the disbandment of the VWFL in late 2016 and its teams being reassigned to their regional community leagues.

Following the end to our 2016 season, we announced our new women's head coach and the potential of 2 sides. The AFLW competition and strong recruitment in the off-season saw a swell in numbers to training, resulting in the club entering 2 sides into the new South Eastern Womens leagues. Our list is now edging towards 50 players.

With the women's sport movement in full force, some of our Panthers took the opportunity and next step in their AFL journey, playing VFL football for 2017. We will be watching with excitement to see them show the VFL how tough we breed them down at Kimberley Reserve.

The Pride carries on into our final few weeks of pre-season training as we approach round 1, ready to take the field with the same hunger and passion that Chirnside are so well known for.

Our aim to again take on finals football and looking to be there for the final dance and some silverware

Round 1 v Waverley Blues Development Team

Waverley Blues   0.1- 1  1.2-  8  2.2-14   3. 2- 20
Chirnside Park    2.2-14  5.4-34  8.5-53 10.10-70

BEST: A. Barker, E. Hales, S. de Cler, S. Ruddick, C. Jackson, C. Wilkinson

GOAL KICKERS: W. Boyle, C. Jackson, S. de Cler, J. Freeman 2, C. Wilkinson, E. Wilkins 1

What an exciting year for us as we entered our first Reserves team in senior female football and also participated in the first round of the Inaugural Eastern Region Women's Competition run by the Eastern Football League (EFL)!

The 23 women who drove to Waverley last Saturday were champing at the bit to get their uniforms and to get on the park ready for the game to commence.

With support strong from the remaining senior girls who had the week off and also interested onlookers as we were the curtain raiser for a triple header at Waverley for the day the game got underway and it was competitive from the start.

Waverley's defensive pressure in the first quarter belying the majority of inexperienced players in their team showing they have put in the hard yards during preseason just like us and we definitely had to earn the two goals scored during the quarter.

Caz coaching her first game of football kept it calm at quarter time, reminding the girls to keep their structures before they split off into their individual groups, coming back for Soph the Captain to again reiterate that it was ok to make a few mistakes today but to learn from them, to remember to count your steps, to support your teammate with the ball.

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