Thursday, June 29, 2017

Round 6 v Plenty Valley

Chirnside Park  19.7-121
Plenty Valley      3.4- 22

Best: Anthony, Russell, Cat, Wazza, Mick, Davey Stevens, Dave Stewart

Goals: Anthony 8, Mick 2, Cat 2, Dools 2, Wazza, Andy Leslie, Franc,Reece,
Davey Stevens


We hosted Plenty Valley on the main oval in ideal weather conditions. It was pleasing that we had the opportunity to play on the ground as it is a faster more even surface suitable for our style of play.

We broke the game open early with some slick ball movement which
resulted in us having a six goal lead at quarter time. Big Anthony was on fire around goals and providing a huge headache for the opposition.

Double teaming him only created more chances for us as the game went on and Cat and Dools benefited by snagging a couple of goals each.

Our defence led by Russell and Dave Stewart were awesome. They won virtually every one of their man on man contests and continually drove
us forward. Another aspect of our game that was noticeable was our preparedness to run past our teammate for the handball.

This created a chain of possessions and Plenty Valley were powerless to stop us. Our on ball brigade led by Wazza and Mick had plenty of the ball and our
general overall fitness edge enabled us to power on to a comprehensive victory.
It was encouraging that we had many contributors throughout the match and this should give us plenty of confidence for the remaining four
games left in the season.

Ladder position after Round 6: 5th
Bean Seen Cafe Lilydale $30 Award Vouchers: Anthony and Russell.

Footnote: Omission from last rounds match report. Two early goals from Pas(leadership group member, team vice-captain,subs collector,
senior club assistant coach, former Balwyn premiership player, cat’s best mate, footy trip organiser, reverse raffle event coordinator and
all-round good bloke) set the tone for the team’s victory and would undoubtedly been B.O.G. if he didn’t sustain a broken rib just before half time.

Cheers Alex
Assistant Coach

Round 5 v Williamstown

Williamstown    3.3-21
Chirnside Park  7.8-50

Best: Davey, Mick, Mad Mike, Stoney, Cat, Wazza

Goals: Stoney 3, Pas 2, Mick, Cat


We ventured out to the undefeated 2nd placed Williamstown this round. In perfect conditions on an enormous sized ground we had a tough task at hand. Due to numerous injuries and player unavailability we worked hard to assemble a squad of 22 players.

Early injuries in the match really hampered our rotations however a few positional changes of putting Dave Stewart in the centre, Huss in
the back pocket, Pas on the ball and Stoney to full forward really paid dividends for us with each player dominating their position.

In a even game we held a 2 point advantage in a low scoring affair at half time.
After the break with first gamer Davey Stevens, Wazza and Mick continually running off half back and providing pin point disposal we were able to break the game open with three goals in quick succession.

Stoney despite a ankle injury was inspirational in providing a strong target in a open forward line and netted two vital goals. In the last quarter we were able to lower our eyes and run to space which enabled us to retain possession and play the game on our terms. Mad Mike rucked tirelessly all day earning numerous free kicks and dishing off many handballs to our awaiting runners. This was without doubt his best game in the last couple of seasons.

Our backline did a superb job in the second half to keep them goalless and we fully deserved a comprehensive win. The spirit and effort of the whole team throughout the match was outstanding and this hopefully will be a benchmark for the rest of the season.

The post match beers certainly tasted good even with Cat spraying his over everyone.
We have a night off the track this week and hopefully we can all get together at Sofia’s Restaurant on Thursday night and revel in our win
and plan our next conquest.

Ladder position after Round 5: 6th
Bean Seen Cafe Lilydale $30 Award Vouchers: Davey, Stoney, Mad Mike.

Cheers Alex
Assistant Coach

Round 3 v Northern Districts

Chirnside Park      5.4-34  9.6-60  12.13-85  15.17-107
Northern Districts 1.1-   7  2.1-13    2. 1-13    2. 1- 13

Best: Clarky, Stoney, Pas, Anthony, Mick, Cat

Goal Kickers: Anthony 6, Choc 2, Cat 2, Mick 2, Clarky, Pas, Leslie

Report: We had a bye last round so we were keen to atone for our first round loss. Northern Districts informed us pre-match that they were short of a few players so for the game to proceed we had to loan them some players. Thanks must be extended to Les, Scotty, Rod and Nick for putting their hands up and playing for the opposition.

In fact the only two goals they scored for the match were one from Nick and one from Scotty.
The game again started in showery conditions and we held sway early due to some good teamwork and long kicking. Big Anthony managed to snag three first quarter goals using his superior bodywork and footy smarts. His comeback after missing a season due to a achilles operation was truly magnificent.

In the 2nd quarter our midfield led by Clarky, Mick and Reece were getting plenty of the ball and we held a 8 goal lead at half time.
After the break the game was basically played in our half of the ground and we were able to hold them scoreless for the half. Our defenders played tight disciplined footy and led by Stoney in particular repelled many attacks. Our kicking for goal in the 2nd half was astray and this really cost us an opportunity of a 20 goal win. Choc did well when swung into the forward line in the last quarter and chipped in with two goals.

Our next assignment is against Brunswick who are just above us on the ladder which should present us a much tougher match.

Ladder position after Round 3: 6th

Bean Seen Cafe Lilydale $50 Award Voucher: Scotty

Cheers Alex
Assistant Coach

Round 4 v Brunswick

Brunswick       8. 6. 54
Chirnside Park 5. 4. 34
Best:    Reece, Mick, Scotty, Huss, Peter Doran, Pas
Goals:  Scotty 2, Mick 2, Reece
After last rounds comprehensive victory we entered this match with a great deal of optimism. Mick won the toss and elected to kick
with the 2 goal breeze favouring the southern end. We managed to get numerous forward entries however Brunswick played extra men in
defence which congested our play and we were forced wide. Reece was continually getting clearances and putting his head over the ball
however he wasn’t getting the necessary rewards from the umpires. 
By quarter time the scores were fairly level but we wasted many chances.
The second stanza was much the same with Mick and Huss providing a lot of drive however scoring became difficult and the home team held
a slight lead at half time. Unfortunately in the third term we again failed to follow the coaches instructions and Brunswick played the smarter
football playing the defensive side of the ground to hold a 9 point lead at 3/4 time.
Scotty got us going early in the final term with a terrific snap goal and celebration to match only for the home team to answer back with two
quick goals to seal the match. Our backline led by Peter Doran and Andy Nickholds played well throughout the match however Brunswick’s   greater disposal efficiency got them over the line in a highly competitive match.
It is important that we stick at it and get to training on Thursday so that we can continue to work on our skills and tactics and hopefully put
that into practice for our next challenging game at Williamstown.
Ladder position after Round 4: 6th
Bean Seen Cafe Lilydale $30 Award Voucher:  Reece

Round 1 v Beaconsfield

GOALS: Mick, Dools, Cat ,Bobby,

BEST: Wazza, Nickholds, Russell, Mick, Clarky, Nick

Last season we showed great improvement and finished with 7 wins and 1 loss and a percentage of 270, so we were hopeful of similar results.
This season there has been an increase of 4 teams bringing the total teams in the competition to 15. With the first game against last years undefeated top
team in Beaconsfield a real challenge was presented to us first up at home.
The game started in showery conditions and Mick got us going with a terrific banana kick goal from the half forward flank boundary. New player to the team
Clarky and Huss were showing plenty of run from the backline and we managed to hold them scoreless until quarter time holding a 14 point lead.
Things turned sour for us in the second quarter as their on ball division got going with some precision passing and teamwork for them to hold a two goal lead at half time.

After the break we decided to put hard tags on two of their prime movers with Andy Nickholds and Wazza given the roles. Both players excelled and shut their opponents out of the game as well as gaining valuable possessions themselves.

We battled hard in the second half with our defence holding steady especially new player to the team Russell. His anticipation and bodywork repelled many attacks. However Beaconsfield’s overall class shone out after quarter time and they kept us at arms length.

Failure to follow Mick’s pre-game instructions cost us many goals and hopefully we can learn from this and show improvement in the coming games. We have a bye next round so we have 4 training sessions before we play Northern Districts in Round 3.

Award - Bean Seen Café Lilydale - Andy Nickholds

Ladder position after Round 1: 11th