Friday, May 26, 2017

Round 6 v Sth Belgrave

South Belgrave 2.4-16 9.6-60 12.10-82 17.13-115
Chirnside Park 1.2-  8 1.2- 8    2. 7-19    2. 8- 20

Goal Kickers: B. Barton, M. Wilson
Best Players: M. Butler, A. Closter, S. King, M. Wilson, T. Elliot, B. Barton

Round 5 v Scoresby

Chirnside Park  2.3-15  2.4-16  3.  4-22  4  .8-32
Scoresby         3.2-20  5.5- 35  8.10-58  8.15-63

Round 4 v Heathmont

Heathmont       4.6-30  8.7-55 13.13-91 20.16-136
Chirnside Park  0.0      1.1- 7   2.  1-13   7.  2- 44

BEST: R.Carroll, M.Buttler, M.Wilson, L.Wilson, C.Taylor

GOALS: M. Wilson 3, A. Closter, L. Eagleton, L. Flannigan, L. Wilson


On the road for a second time this year, we faced the in form and top team of the competition. Playing at their home ground made the challenge even tougher. But to be the best you must beat the best anywhere, so you look forward to the challenges.

In fine, sunny, but windy conditions, we started by kicking against a fairly strong breeze. Our intensity and hunger for the footy and contest were at good levels for the first quarter. Keeping them goalless for the first half of the term was a good effort but after a few skill errors and poor decision making our opponents kicked a couple of late goals. The scoreboard didn’t reflect the footy we played.

Again we started pretty well and managed to get the scoreboard rolling, but as the quarter went on our accountability and willingness to work both ways dropped off, which allowed our opposition to link up with their handball and to get their running game going.

With a sizeable margin the game could go one or two ways and it was starting to look ugly with the game following the way the second quarter finished off. But to the guy’s credit they knuckled down and kept trying to get the game back on our terms.

Undermanned due to a couple of fairly major injuries and the game out of our reach, we couldn’t be blamed for just going through the motions in the last term, but again to the guy’s credit, they wanted to try and get something out of it. We set ourselves a target and dug deep to achieve it. Managing to achieve our aim was an outstanding effort, which gave us belief and momentum to hopefully take into next week’s game and get our season back on track.

Even though the scoreboard looked one sided, it doesn’t show the courage, the endeavor and the steps forward we have taken together as a group. But there is still a lot of work ahead of us.

Round 3 v Boronia

Chirnside Park   2.1-13 3.2-20 4.3-27 4.  4-28
Boronia             4.3-27 4.5-29 5.9-39 6.12-48

BEST: A. Closter, , L. Eagleton, L. Carusi, M. Butler, L. Wilson,

GOALS: L. Wilson 3, L. Flannigan


Playing at home for the first time this season and the strong second half showing last week, had a confident feeling around the team this week.

Our slow starts last week and during the practice matches was an issue, we were keen to address. The first quarter was a fairly even affair with both sides having their opportunities, but in the last couple of minutes we let them loose and they kicked to quick goals.

Kicking with the aid of a slight breeze, it was important we managed to work our way back into the game. In what was a very even term, both sides defense was working overtime with only 1 goal being kicked for the quarter. Luckily for us we managed to kick it and went into the long break 9 points down.

With the game still any ones, the boys came out strong and within a couple of minutes had the margin to under a goal. Our intensity levels were up and had all the momentum for most of the quarter except we didn’t see the result on the scoreboard. Just before the siren our opponents had a couple of opportunities but as most of the day our backline stood strong.

Unfortunately in the last minute they broke our defense and pushed the margin out to 12 points.

In the first couple of minutes, the gap was out to 18 points and our spirit was broken. Eventually we went down by 20 points but it was very disappointing how the game finished. This coming weeks game will be a massive test for us as a team.


L. Wilson

Round 2 v East Burwood

East Burwood  5.1-31  7.1-43  9.2-56  10. 5- 65
Chirnside Park 2.1-13  2.5-17  2.8-20    3.10-28

BEST: Carroll, Eagleton, Layfield, M.Wilson, Walker, Allision

GOALS: M.Wilson 2, Eagleton 1


Finally after what seemed like a preseason that lasted forever and a bye Round 1 due to a weird Under 19’s fixture, our season got underway.

Heading to our oppositions home ground and its tricky conditions was going to make for a tough challenge.

It was going to be important we got off to a good start, especially seeing as we were kicking against a fairly strong breeze, but that didn’t happen.

After our opponents kicked a couple of early goals, we managed to steady with a couple of our own, before skills errors proved costly allowing them in for a couple more late in the quarter.

In the second quarter it was our turn to kick with the breeze but we wasted it with average decision making, poor skills and lack of willingness to work hard. We proved wasteful, kicking 4 behinds, while our opponents made us pay, kicking 2 straight.

Regrouping at half -time, our intensity levels lifted and we started playing more as a team. But yet again we didn’t see the results on the scoreboard.

Going into the last term, we needed everything to go our way to get the result we were looking for. Things started looking up when we got the first goal, but that’s where it ended. Eventually going down by 37 points.


Pre Season Review

U19's had a Bye in Round 1

This season the EFL have combined division 3 and division 4 u19'S, the reason being division 4 only have 5 teams with U19's 

Pre Season Review

The numbers slowly increased as the season got closer but that is pretty standard.

The boys attitude has been pretty good and are focused on improving on last year in a strong comp. A handful of new players from other clubs.

Even though a lot of them are close mates outside of footy they haven't played together before and will take a little time to gel, but there have been some good signs during our practice matches against 2 premiership sides.