Thursday, June 29, 2017

Round 9 v Ferntree Gully

Chirnside Park  1.1-  7 4.1-25  6.3-39    6. 3-39
Ferntree Gully   3.3-21 4.8-32  8.9-57 11.10-76

Best Players: L. Flannigan, L. Folino, A. Birt, K. Renkema, S. Young, S. Cannon

Goal Kickers: J. Hollingsworth, S. Cannon, L. Flannigan, L. Folino, S. King,
M. Sidari:

We took on Ferntree Gully at home for round 9, who had come up from division 4 and have been competitive this season.

Chirnside played a competitive 1st half and our 2nd quarter would have been the best brand of football we have played for the year, going into half time 8 points down.

The boys were fired up after half time, and some missed opportunities cost us dearly in the 3rd quater and 18 points down at ¾ time, we still felt we had a chance to win the game.

A disappointing last quarter with injury and lack of fitness saw Ferntree Gully run away with the game, and we didn't score in the last Quarter.

With a young team we are not getting wins on the boards however are seeing some great development in our young kids who have recently come up from the U19's, special mention to Kingy who played 2 games and come up to help from the U19's this week.


Presidents Trophy Luke Folino ( Mouse)
1 Mitch Tranter- Sofias
2 Liam Flannigan-Sampes
3 Aaron Birt Pancake Parlour
4 Kris Renkema- Subway

Round 7 v Park Orchards

Chirnside Park  0.1- 1  2.4-16  3.4-22   4.4-28
Park Orchards  3.3-21 7.3-45 10.5-65 12.9-81

Best Players: J. Wilkinson, C. Eisele, M. Tranter, T. Hall, S. Young,
                     B. Harte

Goal Kickers: J. Hollingsworth, T. Hall, L. Hanscomb, R. Griffiths

Round 6 v Sth Belgrave

South Belgrave 0.0 .0  1.2-  8  2.3-15  5.8-38
Chirnside Park 4.5-29  4.5-29  6.7-43  7.8-50

Goal Kickers: J. Hollingsworth 2, T. Hall 2, L. Pantalone, H. Chamberlain, S. Cannon

Best Players: T. Hall, S. Mcilwaine, C. Vail, R. Daniel, S. Young, H. Chamberlain

Round 5 v Scoresby

Chirnside Park  2.4-16  4.4-28   4.6-30     6.  7-43
Scoresby         3.2-20   9.4-58 12.7-79   14.12-96

Round 3 v Boronia

Chirnside Park   1.1-  7  3.2-20   7.3- 45 10.6-66
Boronia             5.1-31  6.3-39 10. 5-65  12.5-77


BEST: B. Jordon, T. Gover, S. London, C. Eisele, D. Woodstock, M. Sidari

GOALS S. Morton 3, C. Vail 3, M. Sidari 2, L. Folino, B. Jordon


We took on Boronia at home for round 3, where the stakes were high and we were playing to go on top of the ladder.

Boronia started quickly with 4 goals on the first 8 minutes of the game. We stopped the flow with few changes and match ups, however Boronia went into ¼ time with a 24 point led.

Chirnside outscored Boronia in the last 3 quarters, but couldn't close the gap in a tight game and went down by 11 points.

Although we lost the game we can take a lot of positives out of the game, and can only can continue to improve as a team, as we continue to learn how to play with each other and continue to build on structures and game plan.

Best players this week and will be looked at closely for senior selection were, BJ, Gover, London , Boofa , Morton and Ryan Mitchell.

We travel to Heathmont this week with another great opportunity to get back on the winning list.

1 Sam Morton- Sofias Croydon
2 Stu London -Sampes Pizza
3 Cain Eisele Pancake Parlour
4 Bryce Harte- Subway Chirnside Park

Round 2 v East Burwood

Chirnside Park  4.0-24 8.3-51 10.3-63 12.11-83
East Burwood   3.1-19 3.2-20   6.5-41 10. 5-65

BEST: B. Wood, K. Renkema, M. Sidari, S. Young, A. Birt, S. Morton

GOALS: S. Morton 4, C. Vail 3, J. Marsh, D. Barker, T. Long, B. Wood


Chirnside travelled out to East Burwood for round 2, we welcomed in 2 new players to the club in Ben Woods and Thomas Long, Ben woods was the stand out player for the day, and Longy started well with an early goal only to injury the hamstring and take no further part in the game.

Birt, Pesh and Sidari all came in for the 1st game and were amongst the best with Sammy Morton looking dangerous up forward and kicking 4 for the day and could have kicked a bag.

The boys had a good start to the game and in particular the 2nd quarter we started to play the brand of football we have trained all pre-season for, and went into half time with a 31 point lead.

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Round 1 v Warrandyte

Chirnside Park   0.0 . 0   2.6-18   3.6-24   5.10- 40
Warrandyte       1.4- 10   1.4-10   3.8-26   3. 9 - 27

GOALS: C. Smith 2, S. Morton 2, J. Hollingsworth

BEST: L. Pantalone, R. Mitchell, D. Stanley, D. Woodstock, C. Eisele, C. Smith

REPORT: Chirnside took on Warrandyte to open the season, with a hard and long pre-season the boys were eager to get the senior club of to a great start to the year with its first win.

'Mitch Tranner skipper lost the toss and the boys were kicking into the wind.

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