Thursday, June 29, 2017

Round 7 v Park Orchards

Chirnside Park 2.4-16 2.5-17   4.10-34   4.11- 35
Park Orchards 0 .6- 6 9.9-63 10.13-73 15.16-106

Goalkickers: J. Hardwick 2, J. Cooney, A. Mcnab

Best: A. Mcnab, J. Coulthard, T. Gover, L. London, S. London, J. Hardwick

Keen to redeem ourselves after a disappointing display last week our preparation and planning all indicated that we ready to play.
Kicking with a good breeze in the first quarter we had plenty of the ball but failed to kick goals to put enough scoreboard pressure on Park Orchards going into the first break. We asked for plenty of tackle pressure and aggression around the ball which we felt had been delivered. The 10 point lead was disappointing but the effort was so much better than what we had seen the previous week.

The message at quarter time was to maintain the intensity and not let the opposition get easy ball with the wind at their back. Whilst there may have been a little bit of luck the opposition capitalised on the forward entries and had 12 scoring shots at a 75% conversation rate. we once again contributed to this by making simple skill and decision making errors. That was probably the game there!

The second half continued in the same vain as the first. We failed to use the wind to really hurt them on the scoreboard and at least put us within a reasonable margin going into the last quarter.
The whole playing and coaching group is disappointed with our efforts over the past 2 weeks. At times we are showing signs of how we want to play. The gap between our good and bad is too wide and we ned to address this. We do however need to keep all things in perspective. This is a very even competition and on any given day sides are capable of beating each other.

You can see this in the results. We are 3 and 4, not 1 and 6. Our expectations are high and we have plenty of faith within the group to keep improving and working on our deficiencies. Football is a wonderful game and we are still in the first half of the season.

Another test this week at Templestowe.

Believe me the boys will be giving it everything.

Round 6 v Sth Belgrave

South Belgrave 3.7-25  6.11-47  12.13-85 19.17-131
Chirnside Park 3.3- 21  7. 5-47    8. 9- 57   9.11- 65

Report: We went to South Belgrave full of confidence after grinding out a win against Scoresby in Round 5. We had a massive opportunity to go to 4-2 and really set up our year, but it wasn’t to be.

South Belgrave started strongly and moved the ball very well. This was mainly due to our pressure being very lucklustre and at times non-existent in the first half. We lost two players, Dean Mitchell & Cain Eisele about 5 minutes before half-time in a sickening collision. Dean was out cold and thankfully recovered pretty quickly, but was off to hospital.

In our only real period of dominance, we slammed on 3 goals in 5 minutes to even the ledger at 47-all at half time.

At half-time the boys were challenged to start moving the ball as we wanted, but would have to do it with 3 rotations down. Sth Belgrave started the quarter strong, then an untimely yellow card basically rendered our bench useless.

South Belgrave then put on a bit of a footy lesson under no pressure and ran out 11 goal winners. A very disappointing result, that we will need to move on quick from to face Park Orchards this week.

Round 4 v Heathmont

Heathmont       1.0-6  5.2-32  7.2-44  11.6-72
Chirnside Park 1.3-9  3.4-22  6.6-42    7.8-50

Best Players: J.Wilkinson, A.McNab, D.Agnew, R.Sandy, M.King, S.Morton

Goal Kickers: M. King 3, A. McNab 2, A.Roth 1, S.Morton 1
D. Agnew, S. Cannon


We went to Heathmont for rd4 against a quality opposition that was undefeated and very strong at home.
Starting well had not been our strong suit this year and things were changed to ensure this wouldn’t occur. To the boys credit we came out strong and the match was a fierce goal for goal tussle for the first 3 quarters. Momentum shifted with each goal and the boys were sticking to the task of closing down Heathmont’s time and space.

In the 3rd quarter, we hit the lead and had several chances to extend that lead, but missed some crucial opportunities. As most good sides do, they hurt you when you fail to capitalise on your chances and in the last quarter with some swift midfield clearances, they kicked a couple of goals in a row to take the margin out to a final 22 points, 72-50,

Whilst we lost, we took several positive steps forward in our preparation and gameplan. We are building on our foundations and always attempting to improve and fix deficiencies each week.
Big task for both sides to bounce back onto the winners list this week and steady the ship to 3-2 and look ahead to the 4 rounds before the bye. Scoresby will be looking to do the same, so we are all looking forward to the challenge!

Table Talk – A.McNab
Coach &Horses – Wilko
Pancake Parlour – Dylan Agnew
Sofia - Sam Morton

Round 5 v Scoresby

Chirnside Park  2.2-14  8.3- 51 10  .5- 65  13.  9- 87
Scoresby         2.4-16   5.8-38  10.11- 71  10.15-75

Best Players: S. Morton, D. Agnew, M. King, W. Rakei,
                     L. London, J. Coulthard

Goal Kickers: M. King 5, S. Morton 4, A. Mcnab, J. Wilkinson,
                     S. London, D. Lewis


Back On Track

After our good showing last week it was important to back it not only in effort but in a positive result. So far we have seen most sides can be competitive against each other so wins early in the season are crucial. In terms of preparation and planning, we continue to improve as we begin to work better as a group not only from the planning side but also from the coaching side.

The first quarter was even on the scoreboard and the KPI's that we keep suggested that was a fitting result. With Lach being sidelined early we adjusted down back well. The key message was to continue to run and link to allow for the quick ball into our forwards. We defended their transfer of play well. Whilst Scoresby were able to enter their forward 50 almost 20 times s for 3 goals 4 points we defended hard and made sure applied pressure at every contest. Conversely, we managed to do what we have struggled with in previous games - take our opportunities in front of goal. We basically scored from every forward entry. Establishing a small lead going into half time was a good return for our work rate and defensive efforts.

The third quarter saw us take a nap. From establishing a good lead we went to being a goal down through a lack of discipline and a drop in work rate. Our ball movement was still good and the coaching team thought that we had the upper hand if we just had a bit of belief and tidied up a few things.

Our last quarter replicated our efforts with the breeze in the second quarter and we took our opportunities in front of goal. We defended well this quarter and launched our attacking moves from the half back line. Our link up is improving and we will continue to work on our execution under pressure.

Overall another step in the right direction. As a coaching group, we are seeing elements of what we are working on each week in our games which is really pleasing. We continue to search for our best combination, improve on the execution of the game style that we want to play and start to believe in each other's abilities.

Round 3 v Boronia

Chirnside Park 2.0-12   7. 3-45   8.  5- 53  14.  9- 93
Boronia           7.6-48 10.10-70 15.16-106 22.17-149

Best Players: J.Hardwick, M.King, J.Coultard, L. Carratelli

Goal Kickers: M. King 4, A. Mcnab 3, D. Prizmic 3, H. Chambers, J. Wilkinson,
                     D. Agnew, S. Cannon

Expectations are a two-way street. They can fill you full of excitement but when we things don't go your way they can leave you flat. That pretty much sums up the game on Saturday. Our preparation was good, we spoke about what was required yet we just failed to execute in the first quarter. We fumbled, made crucial mistakes and contributed to Boronia being able to kick 7 opening quarter goals. We knew Boronia would be good but we really didn't put our best foot forward. We didn't win the 50:50 contests and Boronia run really tested us defensively. We forgot about how we wanted to play and played to the scoreboard.

With the challenge thrown down to the midfield we responded well in the second quarter and started to get the game back on our terms. We started to break even on the contested ball and got some more run in our game to transition quicker into our forwards. To go in 4 down after the ordinary start gave us the feeling we were still in the game.

The third quarter was similar to the first. We seemed to find a way to give the ball back to Boronia when we were in control. Like all good sides if you keep doing that they will hurt you on the scoreboard and that is exactly what happened. To the boy's credit, we played a good last quarter in what was a pretty ordinary defensive quarter from both sides with both sides effectively each kicking 7 goals.

On the positive side, we were able to generate 23 shots on goal. We fought back to effectively halve the stoppages after the fist quarter. At times our ball movement was very good.

On the negative side, we need to defend better across all of the ground which translates into better two-way running. We need to get cleaner with the ball - we turned over the ball 35 times - way too much against quality opposition. Boronia is a quality side and it is still early in the year. One bad chapter doesn't ruin the book. We get the chance to redeem ourselves against another really good side this weekend.

Table Talk – Jai Hardwick
Coach &Horses – Michael King
Pancake Parlour – Jackson Coulthard
Sofia - Luke Carratelli

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