Sunday, August 20, 2017

Round 16 v Sth Belgrave

Chirnside Park  7.3-45  9.5-59  14.9-93 15.10-100
South Belgrave 0.1-  1  5.5-35    5.7-37   8.  9- 57

Goal Kickers: M. King 4, C. Smith 4, D. Lewis 2, A. Mcnab, S. Morton, J. Hardwick, L. Tindal, A. Roth
Best Players: M. King, C. Smith, L. Tindal, A. Mcnab, D. Lewis, A. Roth


Our last home game for the year and after two great wins by the reserves and 19s, our Senior boys were up for the job to make it a Panther Day and bring home 3 wins!
With a fierce (Megan) Gale blowing straight down one end again, we knew it would be different game-styles in each quarter, a game of two halves. South Belgrave won the toss and made the horrible decision of kicking into the breeze. We started on fire and played some really great team footy, sticking to structures and were able to open up a massive first quarter lead of 43-1. Kicking into the breeze in the 2nd, our boys showed some of the best run and link play that we have been chasing all year. We lapsed for 10 minutes just before quarter time, with our boys getting a bit complacent and went into half-time 24 points up.

We were able to come out in the last half and execute our gameplan really well. Some really solid passages of play allowed us to stretch the lead beyond 50 points at ¾ time on the back of some brilliant play by Zippy who notched up his 50th goal for the 3rd season in a row.
In the last quarter we knew Sth Belgrave would try to throw everything at us, but we were able to completely subdue them and run out 43 point winners. The 1st of our 3 wins we want on the way home. Big test at Scoresby this week, as they are going very well. Backing our boys to get the job done.

Round 14 v Heathmont

Chirnside Park 1.1-  7   4.3-27 7.4-46   9.9-63
Heathmont       2.3-15  3.3-21  7.5-47 10.6-66

Goal Kickers: M. King 4, J. Cooney, C. Smith, S. Morton, A. Roth, L. London
Best Players: D. Mitchell, S. Mcilwaine, R. Sandy, D. Lewis, M. King, J. Wilkinson


The game on Saturday was crucial to us trying to keep our final quest alive. We approached the game with confidence as we felt we were playing some good football and starting to understand as a collective the style and requirements of our game plan better.

The first quarter kicking against a strong breeze saw us defend strongly and go into the first break only 8 points down. Good signs as we were running and linking well. The message was clear to attack to the top side and not let the wind do all the work.
The second quarter we controlled most of the quarter but just failed to fully capitalise on the amount of ball that we had. Kicking 3 goals didn't really reward us for the way we were playing. The feel was that we had plenty of run but we knew that if we relaxed the pressure Heathmont would come back into the game.

The third quarter was two halves. The first part of the quarter belonged to Heathmont as we dropped our pressure around the ball and they started to win more of the 50:50 contests. A couple of changes in the mid-field saw us regain our composure and we ran the ball into the breeze. This created a few more forward opportunities which we capitalised on and going into the last quarter we were only a point down with the wind at our backs.

What has been a bit of a theme we moved away from our game style and kicked a line that allowed Heathmont to defend to the dead side of the ground. A couple of lapses in concentration say Heathmont get some clear forward ball and they kicked truly to put scoreboard pressure on us. We continued to fight out the game falling short by 3 points after a goal was kicked right on the siren. We had our opportunities having 7 shots on goals compared to 4. The difference was that Heathmonts conversion rate was better when it counted.
It is fair to say it was a game that we let get away.

As a club, it is really important that we continue to treat each game as if it is our last and give 100%. With four games to go, we can still finish with a positive win/loss ratio. That is our goal.

Round 12 v East Burwood

Chirnside Park 3.6-24 8.10-58 13.11-89 17.15-117
East Burwood 6.0-36 7.2-44 12.5-77 14.7-91

Goal Kickers: M. King 5, D. Agnew 4, A. Mcnab 3, L. London 2, D. Lewis 2, T. Walker
Best Players: D. Agnew, G. Cornwell, J. Coulthard, M. King, J. Johnson, T. Walker


Two in a Row

Once again our depth was tested with a number out from the previous week. Whilst it would be good to get a settled side the upside is that their are opportunities for those who want a spot. A game that on paper you should mark down as a win but East Burwood isn't a bad side so it would still need our best over four quarters to bring home the chocolates. A solid first half saw us establish a lead.

Once again we had executed the ball movement we had been seeking all season. Got run and carry giving our forwards quick clean ball. Our backline had defended well and created many forward entries.

However what has become a regular occurrence we came out after half time and conceded quick goals to allow them back into the game. The boys responded well and showed the fight that has been missing at times this year to record another win. Whilst it is not normally our style to refer to individuals as the team is only as strong as the 22 contributors each week it would be remiss not to mention the debut of Tyson Walker who acquitted himself well in his first game.

I'm sure one Toby Ryan will remember it as well. What is more pertinent is that it made a very loyal supporter and volunteer around the club extremely proud. It is these opportunities that will and do exist with the right attitude and hard work.

Round 13 v Warrandyte

Warrandyte      1.0-6  3.2-20  4.  7-31   8. 9-57
Chirnside Park 1.3-9  3.8-26  5.10-40 10.11-71

Goal Kickers: M. King 4, A. Roth 2, D. Lewis 2, J. Cooney, L. Tindal
Best Players: L. London, D. Lewis, A. Roth, J. Coulthard, R. Sandy, J. Hardwick

3 on the Trot
For the first time in my coaching at Chirnside Park and (potentially the first time in 3rd Division?) Chirnside have won 3 games in a row.
We travelled out to Warrandyte with the confidence of two wins against The Basin & East Burwood under our belts and looking to make it three. Our ball movement was very positive in the first quarter, as we looked to switch the ball and get it to our runners. All our stats pointed towards us playing good footy. The only problem was not kicking it through the big sticks! The second quarter was much of the same, we battled to consolidate on the scoreboard. 3 goals 8… at one stage we were 1 goal 6!.... Our boys needed to continue playing positive footy in the second half.
The third quarter turned into a stoppage arm wrestle as we stopped using our run and switch and got back into playing line to line footy. Warrandyte created some shots on goal, but like us in the 1st half were a bit wayward, kicking 1 goal 5. At ¾ time, we asked for positive ball movement and to the boys credit, they started on fire and kicked 5 goals in the first 15 minutes to basically put the result beyond doubt. A couple of mistakes in the last 8 minutes allowed Warrandyte to kick a few goals and decrease the margin to 14 points.
A very scrappy game that we probably should have won by more, but we’ll most definitely take the 4 points and move onto Heathmont this week.

Round 10 v Ringwood

Ringwood 2.3-15 5.6-36 8.9-57 11.12-78
Chirnside Park 1.1- 7 4.2-26 4.3-27 5. 4-34

Goal Kickers: M. King 3, C. Vail, A. Roth
Best Players: B. Harte, D. Agnew, L. Power, H. Chambers, C. Eisele, W. Rakei


The disappointment continued at Ringwood on the weekend. Whilst a loss is never pleasant it pales into insignificance when you lose your skipper to a season ending injury. Carra was operated on early this week and has returned home to recover. A badly dislocated ankle and a spiral break at the base of his leg the result of a contested ball situation on the weekend. Typically of the champion bloke, he is in good spirits. His love for this football club, his team mates and his desire to see success was evident right up to the moment the ambulance left. This was not before Carra pleaded a case for them to drive him down to the boys so he could address them before he was on his way. What can you say - he is all class. Let's make sure we all get around him and help him through the rehab he has in front of him.
In terms of the game, it was just a case of what has transpired in previous weeks - competitive for parts of the game but not able to maintain it for the four quarters. On the positive it was pleasing to see Dylan Agnew get through four quarters of football, Bryce Harte's debut showed he has plenty class and Taz played another senior game. The playing group is working hard on the track and working on the things we need to get right. We all need to stay positive. Not all things go to plan in seasons and hopefully we have seen the end of the cruel run of injuries.
A win is always just one game away.

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