Sunday, August 20, 2017

Round 9 v Montrose

Chirnside 5.4.34
Montrose 6.5.41


This week the team played at home against Montrose. We are so proud of the team. What a fantastic effort against a quality opposition. Dave and Dom asked for effort and the boys delivered every quarter. They went hard at the ball as asked and played well as team.

Getting our hands on the ball first allowed us to kick the first couple of goals of the game. Great efforts yet again in the ruck, middle and some excellent defending down in back line.

Congrats to our goal kickers Will who bagged 3 and Zak and Isaac who got one each. Overall a terrific team game, a little unlucky to lose in the last kick of the game.

Awards this week went to Josh B and Harry (medals) and Josh V, Aaron, Kai and Jackson.

Congrats boys well deserved!

Thanks as always to our parent helpers

Round 8 v Donvale

Chirnside 8.8.56
Donvale   3.4.22


Today the boys played away against Donvale. What a chilly morning it was. The poor kids hands and noses were bright red.

A good team effort again today. The kids continue to work with the team rules of effort and team work. Once our effort levels lifted, and the boys went in to help each other out at ground level the scoreboard starting ticking over.

We say it takes a team to win a game, there were some great individual efforts today and some incredible teamwork. Goals were well spread with Will and Isaac kicking 2, and Aaron, Ryekan, Harry and Jackson kicking one each. Well done boys ??

Awards this week went to Charles and Will (medals) and Nathan, Ryekan, Isaac and Jackson.

Well deserved boys!

Thanks as always to our parent helpers

Round 5 v

Chirnside Park  1.1.  7
South Belgrave 6.5.47


Best:- Hamish Mannix, Troy Casey, Anthony Hampton
Jasmine Jones, Natalie Caminiti

Goal Kickers: Troy Casey 1,


Medal: Hamish Mannix
Vouchers: Charile Wiggins
Charlie Piper
Jasmine Jones

Round 1 v East Burwood

Best:- Mitchell Rice, Troy Casey, Anthony Hampton
Jasmine Jones, Hamish Mannix

Mitchell Rice 2, Jasmine Jones 1, Troy Casey 1,Hamish Mannix 1


Terrific first game, the entire team performed well. Extremely well balanced team who played as one.
Worked extremely hard on run and carry, hard ball gets and applying pressure across the ground.

Successful first quarter kicking 3 x goals, where we dominated the mid field battle. Second quarter our pressure dropped away, only managing 2 behinds for the quarter, therefore letting the opposition back into the game.

Together with Matt we refocused the team, which in turned allow the team to win the third quarter, kicking 2 goals 3. Our pressure also managed to keep the opposition scoreless.

Last quarter was tight, the team performed well, however we only managed to kick 1 x goal. The opposition managed to kick 3 x goals and win the game by 2 points.

Lots to work on but plenty of positive signs extremely proud of our first game. The team demonstrated enormous potential.