Sunday, August 20, 2017

U17 2nd Semi v Boronia

Chirnside Park 2.3-15  4.6-30  9.9-63  11.10-76
Boronia            2.2-14 3.3-21  3.4-22     3. 7-25

Goal Kickers: S. Willmott 3, L. Stevenson 2, J. Melchiorre 2, C. Steele, S. Wood, T. Birchall, H. Wilson

Best Players.....T.Bissels, T.Hardstaff, S.Biggs, J.Melchiorre, L.Stevenson, T.Worsley


Fantastic win today boys in trying conditions,

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Round 14 v Ferntree Gully

Ferntree Gully Eagles Blue 0.0      0.0      0  .0       0.  0
Chirnside Park                  4.5-29 8.8-56 12.12-84 16.17-113

Goal Kickers: R. Smith 5, T. Hardstaff 2, D. Warren 2, K. Hughes 2, S. Maddern, N. Simcock, J. Rooney, T. Birchall, S. Willmott


Well boys today we came up against the winless last place team in Ferntree Gully. In very trying conditions you boys worked for each other for the entire 4 qtrs.

Being that it was very wet and slippery which made it a scrappy game at times, but to your credit we did keep the opposition scoreless for the entire game and we had 33 scoring shots.

We have 2 weeks to prepare for our Semi final , so in saying that it is imperative that all players attend all sessions as this week on the track will be solid. Every player needs to remember that no place in the team should be taken for granted as it must be earn't

Great win today, rest up, iced up in preparation for training this week...



Round 13 v Bayswater

Chirnside Park 2.4-16  5.9-39  7.13-55 10.16-76
Bayswater       1.0  -6  2.2-14  5. 3-33    6 .3-39

Goal Kickers: T. Hardstaff 3, B. Rattray 2, S. Maddern, H. Wilson, K. Grift, N. Camp, R. Smith


Wow what an experience it was playing under lights last night. Probably the biggest crowd you boys have played in front of all season. Was great to see plenty of Club support making to trip over to Bayswater to watch you boys put on a great display of team football.
Last nights win has cemented our place on top of the Ladder and guaranteed us the first week off in our finals campaign.

In cold and slippery conditions you boys were able to adapt quickly and work tiresomely to ensure we got over the line. We had 26 scoring shots to 9 which demonstrates we didn't capitalise on our opportunities, in saying this we would have controlled the ball for 70% of the game, this is one area that requires attention. With only 1 game remaining before finals, it is so important that all players attend both training sessions from now until the end of the finals series. I know some players have part time jobs but I'm hoping you guys can swap shifts or ask your bosses to allow you the next 4 weeks or so off so you can attend training. Also we as Coaches have the hard task of picking 24 players out of 26 to play finals which is not any easy task.

You boys have a great opportunity to achieve success again this season but it will only happen if you do what is asked and required of each and every player.

Rest up as we have 8 days to recover b4 next Sunday's clash against Ferntree Gully...

Nandos.....T. Hardstaff Sophia's....T.Bissels

Round 12 v Nth Ringwood

North Ringwood  0.1-1 1.2- 8    1.2 -8   1.  4- 10
Chirnside Park  4.1-25 8.4-52 14.9-93 17.18-120

Goal Kickers: N. Camp 4, S. Willmott 3, S. Wood 2, R. Smith 2, S. Maddern, T. Birchall, H. Wilson, C. Steele, J. Hourihan, N. Hourihan


Well boys coming to the game today we knew we had a challenge as they took it up to us in our last encounter.

From the first bounce you boys were physical and played fast running exciting football which left the opposition flat footed and stunned. In the end you were rewarded with a 110 point win. The most pleasing aspect is that all players are contributing to our current success. We are playing a very good brand of footy leading into the finals.

This Friday night we play Bayswater in a must win game as this will secure top spot on the Ladder and a rest in week 1 of finals. See you boys at training on Tuesday night 5pm sharp...

Enjoy the fantastic win today boys and keep working hard towards our ultimate goal...


Round 11 v Mooroolbark

Mooroolbark Gold  2.4-16 3.7-25 4.7-31   6.8-44
Chirnside Park      3.0-18 6.2-38 9.4-58 11.5-71

Goal Kickers: B. Rattray 3, L. Stevenson 3, T. Hardstaff, C. Steele, K. Hawkins, J. Hourihan, S. Wood


Well boys, what can I say, you just keep impressing when our backs are against the wall. Today we all knew that we would start the game with the bare minimum of 18 players due to camp, illness and injuries. I asked each and every player for

And If we achieved all this today the result would go our way and hold us in good stead for our assault on the Finals..

You boys did not disappoint as you followed instructions and had the want and will to overcome fatigue and soreness to bring home a well deserved win.

The last 2 weeks we have been wounded but to your credit you all fought through adversity and came through the other side stronger and much more mature footballers

Personally from my point of view as a Coach, l have never been more proud of a group of footballers than I am right now..

Rest up, do your own recovery to ensure you are fit and ready for the next challenge.

iTunes- R.Smith
Nandos- S.Wood
Sophia's- K.Hawkins
Subway- N.Simcock
Subway- S.Biggs
Subway- T.Hardstaff
Subway- B.Rattray

Round 10 v East Ringwood

East Ringwood  1.1-  7  3.2-20   4.2-26   6.3-39
Chirnside Park  4.2-26  6.5-41  11.5-71 15.5-95

Goal Kickers: S. Wood 5, T. Hardstaff 3, J. Hourihan 2, K. Grift, H. Wilson, N. Camp, S. Willmott, T. Birchall


have been involved in coaching junior football for approximately 10 years and I have never been more impressed with a group of players than I was today,what you displayed today was nothing short of brilliance.

From the first bounce we were up against it with 6 players out due to a School camp & Riley Playing with the Eastern Ranges.

I asked every player before the commencement of the game to be physical and to commit to one another. You all followed those instructions perfectly and battled hard for the entire 4 qtrs.

Today's display is what we have been striving towards over the past few weeks.You boys dug deep for each other at every contest, even when fatigue was about to overcome you, you found that little extra to help your team mate.

Today you boys proved that no matter what we are up against we can achieve anything once we put our minds to it..Fantastic and well earned win as all players deserve to be commended.

I could not be more proud of each player than I am right now...

Make sure you ice up any niggling injuries and do what is required in preparing yourself for next weeks challenge against Mooroolbark...

Round 9 v Waverley Blues

Chirnside Park   1.4-10  4.8-32  7.10-52  13.15-93
Waverley Blues  0.0.  0 1.0-  6  1.  0-  6   3.  1-19

GOAL KICKERS: B.Rattray 3, J.Hourihan 3, L.Stevenson 2,
J.Melchiorre 2, J.Hawkins 1, R.Smith 1, H.Wilson 1


Great team effort today boys, Waverley Blues tried their hardest to slow our scoring down and bottle up the play with scrappy footy. But to your credit you boys worked extremely hard to combat this by opening up the play and running in numbers which lead to you boys blowing away the opposition in the second half.

I believe the rotations worked well today, we are still in the early stages of getting it right but you boys worked well in taking ownership when on interchange to whom you were rotating with.

We are all learning as each week progresses with this, if we are all on the same page and work together we will nail it when it counts...

Pat yourselves on the back as today was a positive overall team win as every player played their role to get the win....

iTunes- T.Hardstaff
Nandos- N.Camp
Subway- R.Smith
Subway- S.Wood
Subway- L.Stevenson
Subway- S.Biggs

Round 8 v Nth Ringwood

Chirnside Park   1.3-9  2.6-18  6.8-44   9.11-65
North Ringwood  0.2-2 1.3-  9  1.3-  9   4.  6-30

Goal Kickers...J.Hourihan 3, J.Dunn 2, T.Hardstaff 1, S.Wood 1,
                       R.Smith 1 & S.Willmott 1.


We came up against a team today that had only won 2 games and their recent results have been less than ordinary. From the first bounce they were fierce and ran the ball much better than us in the first half, but to our credit we were not playing at our best going into half time with scores very even.

After a half time chat and a look back on our first half efforts we pleaded with you boys to not panic and play with confidence and take the game on. You boys did just that and out scored the opposition 47 to 21 in the second half.

After a couple of hiccups with rotations we got settled and it seemed you boys began to understand the workings as you boys lined up at the interchange and called the players you were rotating with. Like we said it will take time to get this working efficiently so please bare with us as our intentions are to guide you boys to greater success.

Enjoy today’s win boys because you have all contributed to where we sit now on the ladder.

As a coach I'm very proud of every players passion towards the team as a whole.

AWARDS...iTunes. Klay Hughes
Nandos. Josh Hawkins
Subway. Sam Wood
Subway. Nathan Simcock
Subway. Jack Hourihan

Round 7 v Mooroolbark

Mooroolbark Gold 3.2-20  5.3-33  8.6-54 13. 7-85
Chirnside Park     3.1-19  4.4-28  5.8-38  6.12-48

Goal kickers... K.Grift 1, N.Hourihan 1, N.Camp 1, R.Smith 1, H.Wilson 1
& J.Melchiorre 1..

Today we came up against a team that were ready to play. We were no where near our best but we can't take anything away from Mooroolbark, they beat us at our own game as they were prepared to run in numbers, move the ball fast and their intensity was first class.

We can take a positive out of today's loss as this shows that we are not invincible and to gain success you must first earn it. We got several aspects wrong today as a team, but it's not the end of the world losing a game of football as I believe this should give you the hunger to do whatever it takes to bounce back next week in a positive manner. Good football teams work on what is required to turn today's result around and I have faith in you boys to do just that.

With regards to today's result, we as Coaches don't always get everything right either, today we didn't get our rotation process correct so I apologise for this and as the Coach I take full responsibility. The coaching group had a good chat after the game regarding this issue and we assure you we working on getting this right.

I do apologise to the Players who spent extended time on the interchange today.

I know it hurts when we lose but this is a good emotion to feel as football is a passionate game and if your serious about your football then I know when you step out onto the ground next weekend you will work that extra harder to ensure you don't feel that hurt again.

Let's hit the track with a positive attitude to right our wrongs from today's game. You are a fantastic and resilient group of boys who we are all proud of.....


iTunes - Jai Melchiorre
Nandos- Nick Camp
Subway- Leigh Schilling
Subway- Nelson Hourihan
Subway- Liam Brunton

Round 6 v Vermont

Vermont Purple      0.1-   1  1.1-  7   2.  3-15   2. 3-15
Chirnside Park        4.6-30  6.9-45  10.16-76 13.19-97


GOAL KICKERS...Josh Hawkins 2, Jack Hourihan 2, Tom Hardstaff 2,
Jai Melchiorre 2, Riley Smith 2, Karl Grift 1, Sam Wood 1
& Tyler Birchall 1..

Well boys with 6 Rounds already done and dusted, you have had a great start to the season with a 6-0 record. Today you boys turned it around from last weeks close fought game to smashing Vermont by 82 points.

Our pressure, intensity and aggression towards the footy was first class. This goes to show that no matter the opposition these qualities are so important each time you take to the field. You boys need to pat yourselves on the back because the way we ran the footy in waves was very impressive.

We must hit the track hard this week in readiness to not just back up today's performance but improve on it to ensure yet another victory in our search for success. We must focus week by week, train hard to improve on our previous weeks performance.

Enjoy the win boys as you really deserve it...

iTunes- Tyson Bissels
Nandos- Leigh Schilling
Subway- Harvey Wilson
Subway- Tyler Birchall
Subway- Sam Wood

Round 5 v Boronia

Chirnside Park  4.3-27  6.  4-40  8. 7-55  9. 9-63
Boronia            2.4-16  3.10-28  5.12-42 7.13-55


Goal Kickers. Jack Hourihan 2, Sam Maddern 1, Harvey Wilson 1,
                    Joel Dunn 1, Sam Wood 1, Jai Melchiorre 1, Jay Rooney 1
                    & Tyler Birchall 1..


Well boys today you were challenged, Boronia came over to our home turf ready to take the 4 points away from us.

The opposition were aggressive, relentless and worked together as a team, this is how we played in the first 4 Rounds and maybe today was the game we needed to remind us all that success comes from hard work, dedication and the will to succeed.

I know we were far from our best today but to your credit we still got over the line with a win.

So in saying this we take it as a positive because when we are at our best playing our free flowing, fast ball movement, risk taking confident football no team will get near us...

Enjoy the win boys and let's all hit the track this week with a positive & confident attitude as we prepare to take on Vermont...

AWARDS.....Jay Rooney - Itunes
Dean Warren - Nandos
Karl Grift - Subway
Corey Steele - Subway
Todd Worsley - Subway

Round 4 v Rowville

Chirnside Park  6.5-41 11.14-80 17.17-119  26.20-176
Rowville Gold    0.0        0. 0       1.  0-    6   1.  0-   6

BEST: Josh Hawkins, Tyler Birchall,Jack Hourihan, Sam Maddern,
Nick Camp

Goal Kickers: R. Smith 6, T. Hardstaff 3, H. Wilson 3, B. Rattray 3, S. Maddern 2, L. Schilling 2, N. Camp 2, S. Wood, J. Melchiorre, K. Grift, N. Hourihan, J. Dunn


Great start to the season boys with 4 wins from 4 games.

Today we started slowly and wasted opportunities in front of goals in the first half, but to your credit after the halftime break we came out playing the brand of football we have become accustomed too in the first 3 rounds with our fast movement and play on at every opportunity.

In a very one sided game we ran out easy winners by 170 points.

I think we will work on some goal kicking this week as we have kicked 38 behinds in the last 2 weeks.. let's all get to training this week in readiness for whatever the EFL throw at us this week...

Enjoy the win boys as you have all worked hard towards what has been achieved in the first 4 games as every player is contributing week in week out....

Be proud and confident leading into Round 5.....

ITunes-Nathan Simcock
Nandos-Billy Rattray
Subway-Taylor Davis
Subway-Riley Smith
Subway-Tyson Bissels

Round 3 v Waverley Blues

Waverley Blues  0.1- 1   1.2-  8   1.  4-10    2 .6- 18
Chirnside Park   3.4-22 10.6-66 11.15- 81 16.18-114

BEST: Josh Hawkins, Tyler Birchall,Jack Hourihan, Sam Maddern, Nick Camp

GOALS: Jack Hourihan 3, Harvey Wilson 2, Jai Melchiorre 2, Lachy Stevenson 2, Karl Grift 1, Josh Hawkins 1, Tyler Birchall 1, Nick Camp 1, Riley Smith 1, Sam Wood 1, Taylor Davis 1.

Today was a great display of team orientated football. You boys showed great passages of play which caught the opposition flat footed on several occasions. The way you ran off the lines and took the game on with quick ball movement was very impressive.

Every player contributed and played the role asked of them by the Coaches. We could not be more impressed with the improvement and your application to our game plan.

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Round 2 v Boronia

Chirnside Park  3.0-18  9.0-54 10.1-61  13.3-81
Boronia            3.3-21  4.4-28   4.8-32    5.9-39

BEST: Sam Wood, Joel Dunn, Shane Biggs, Lachlan Stevenson,

GOALS: Karl Grift 4, Billy Rattray 2, Lachlan Stevenson 2, Sam Wood 2,
Harvey Wilson 1, Tyler Birchall 1 & Jack Hourihan 1...


After a 3 week break from playing footy we started a little rusty, but in saying that we were only 4 points down at qtr time. Our second qtr we came out firing scoring 5 goals to none which gave us a handy lead going into half time.

There were some very good passages of play throughout the game which impressed us Coaches watching on. After half time we kicked further ahead which took the wind out of Boronia's sail and we finished the game with yet another good win.

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Round 1 v Blackburn

Chirnside Park 1.2.8  4.9.33  7.10.52  11.16.82
Blackburn        1.3.9  1.3. 9  1.  5.11    1.  5.11

BEST: Jai, Lachlan, Leigh, Harvey

GOALS: J. Hourihan 3, H. Wilson 2, B. Rattray 2, S. Maddern,
J. Melchiorre, S. Willmott, K. Hughes

REPORT: Well boys Round 1 has come and gone just like that. Today you boys displayed a very impressive brand of football. The way we ran the footy was first class, we ran in numbers and brought team mates into the game and worked as one.

It was a test of resilience as we were up against it from the start with 8 players unavailable. To your credit you boys didn't bat an eyelid as you grew stronger as the game wore on. Blackburn kicked the first goal of the game and that was also their last for the game. You boys thoroughly deserved the win running away with the game by 71 points.

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