Friday, May 26, 2017

Round 6 v Vermont

Vermont Purple      0.1-   1  1.1-  7   2.  3-15   2. 3-15
Chirnside Park        4.6-30  6.9-45  10.16-76 13.19-97


GOAL KICKERS...Josh Hawkins 2, Jack Hourihan 2, Tom Hardstaff 2,
Jai Melchiorre 2, Riley Smith 2, Karl Grift 1, Sam Wood 1
& Tyler Birchall 1..

Well boys with 6 Rounds already done and dusted, you have had a great start to the season with a 6-0 record. Today you boys turned it around from last weeks close fought game to smashing Vermont by 82 points.

Our pressure, intensity and aggression towards the footy was first class. This goes to show that no matter the opposition these qualities are so important each time you take to the field. You boys need to pat yourselves on the back because the way we ran the footy in waves was very impressive.

We must hit the track hard this week in readiness to not just back up today's performance but improve on it to ensure yet another victory in our search for success. We must focus week by week, train hard to improve on our previous weeks performance.

Enjoy the win boys as you really deserve it...

iTunes- Tyson Bissels
Nandos- Leigh Schilling
Subway- Harvey Wilson
Subway- Tyler Birchall
Subway- Sam Wood

Round 5 v Boronia

Chirnside Park  4.3-27  6.  4-40  8. 7-55  9. 9-63
Boronia            2.4-16  3.10-28  5.12-42 7.13-55


Goal Kickers. Jack Hourihan 2, Sam Maddern 1, Harvey Wilson 1,
                    Joel Dunn 1, Sam Wood 1, Jai Melchiorre 1, Jay Rooney 1
                    & Tyler Birchall 1..


Well boys today you were challenged, Boronia came over to our home turf ready to take the 4 points away from us.

The opposition were aggressive, relentless and worked together as a team, this is how we played in the first 4 Rounds and maybe today was the game we needed to remind us all that success comes from hard work, dedication and the will to succeed.

I know we were far from our best today but to your credit we still got over the line with a win.

So in saying this we take it as a positive because when we are at our best playing our free flowing, fast ball movement, risk taking confident football no team will get near us...

Enjoy the win boys and let's all hit the track this week with a positive & confident attitude as we prepare to take on Vermont...

AWARDS.....Jay Rooney - Itunes
Dean Warren - Nandos
Karl Grift - Subway
Corey Steele - Subway
Todd Worsley - Subway

Round 4 v Rowville

Chirnside Park  6.5-41 11.14-80 17.17-119  26.20-176
Rowville Gold    0.0        0. 0       1.  0-    6   1.  0-   6

BEST: Josh Hawkins, Tyler Birchall,Jack Hourihan, Sam Maddern,
Nick Camp

Goal Kickers: R. Smith 6, T. Hardstaff 3, H. Wilson 3, B. Rattray 3, S. Maddern 2, L. Schilling 2, N. Camp 2, S. Wood, J. Melchiorre, K. Grift, N. Hourihan, J. Dunn


Great start to the season boys with 4 wins from 4 games.

Today we started slowly and wasted opportunities in front of goals in the first half, but to your credit after the halftime break we came out playing the brand of football we have become accustomed too in the first 3 rounds with our fast movement and play on at every opportunity.

In a very one sided game we ran out easy winners by 170 points.

I think we will work on some goal kicking this week as we have kicked 38 behinds in the last 2 weeks.. let's all get to training this week in readiness for whatever the EFL throw at us this week...

Enjoy the win boys as you have all worked hard towards what has been achieved in the first 4 games as every player is contributing week in week out....

Be proud and confident leading into Round 5.....

ITunes-Nathan Simcock
Nandos-Billy Rattray
Subway-Taylor Davis
Subway-Riley Smith
Subway-Tyson Bissels

Round 3 v Waverley Blues

Waverley Blues  0.1- 1   1.2-  8   1.  4-10    2 .6- 18
Chirnside Park   3.4-22 10.6-66 11.15- 81 16.18-114

BEST: Josh Hawkins, Tyler Birchall,Jack Hourihan, Sam Maddern, Nick Camp

GOALS: Jack Hourihan 3, Harvey Wilson 2, Jai Melchiorre 2, Lachy Stevenson 2, Karl Grift 1, Josh Hawkins 1, Tyler Birchall 1, Nick Camp 1, Riley Smith 1, Sam Wood 1, Taylor Davis 1.

Today was a great display of team orientated football. You boys showed great passages of play which caught the opposition flat footed on several occasions. The way you ran off the lines and took the game on with quick ball movement was very impressive.

Every player contributed and played the role asked of them by the Coaches. We could not be more impressed with the improvement and your application to our game plan.

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Round 2 v Boronia

Chirnside Park  3.0-18  9.0-54 10.1-61  13.3-81
Boronia            3.3-21  4.4-28   4.8-32    5.9-39

BEST: Sam Wood, Joel Dunn, Shane Biggs, Lachlan Stevenson,

GOALS: Karl Grift 4, Billy Rattray 2, Lachlan Stevenson 2, Sam Wood 2,
Harvey Wilson 1, Tyler Birchall 1 & Jack Hourihan 1...


After a 3 week break from playing footy we started a little rusty, but in saying that we were only 4 points down at qtr time. Our second qtr we came out firing scoring 5 goals to none which gave us a handy lead going into half time.

There were some very good passages of play throughout the game which impressed us Coaches watching on. After half time we kicked further ahead which took the wind out of Boronia's sail and we finished the game with yet another good win.

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Round 1 v Blackburn

Chirnside Park 1.2.8  4.9.33  7.10.52  11.16.82
Blackburn        1.3.9  1.3. 9  1.  5.11    1.  5.11

BEST: Jai, Lachlan, Leigh, Harvey

GOALS: J. Hourihan 3, H. Wilson 2, B. Rattray 2, S. Maddern,
J. Melchiorre, S. Willmott, K. Hughes

REPORT: Well boys Round 1 has come and gone just like that. Today you boys displayed a very impressive brand of football. The way we ran the footy was first class, we ran in numbers and brought team mates into the game and worked as one.

It was a test of resilience as we were up against it from the start with 8 players unavailable. To your credit you boys didn't bat an eyelid as you grew stronger as the game wore on. Blackburn kicked the first goal of the game and that was also their last for the game. You boys thoroughly deserved the win running away with the game by 71 points.

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