Saturday, July 22, 2017

Round 5 v Scoresby

Scoresby        1.0  -6   2. 1-13   2.1-13    3. 1-  19
Chirnside Park 6.3-39  11.5-71 13. 9-87 18.13-121

BEST: J.Davis, T.Poharama-Tonga, J.Fiorentino, H.Braybrook,
          T. Paterson, L.Mosca, E. Gray

GOAL KICKERS: T.Poharama-Tonga 5, T.Paterson 2, H.Braybrook 2,
                           L.Mosca 2, C.Vorhauer, A.Camp, R.Tucker, S. Calcaterra,
                           J. Thomas, M. Downes, K. Schilling


Well this week we were on the road for the first time this year, playing against Scoresby who just came down from B grade who we usually have a great contest against.

We had a real good week of training as we needed to bounce back hard after a bad performance the week before. The boys played some of there best footy for the year, it was good to see the boys move the ball quickly and hit targets.

The pressure and hard tackling we put on Scoresby for four quarters of footy was fantastic. It was a well deserved victory by the boys, but we must now bring that form into this weeks game and try to win back to back games.