Friday, May 26, 2017

Round 6 v Sth Croydon

Chirnside Park           4.2-26            4.5-29         7.7-49        10.9-69
South Croydon           4.1-25           5.3-33         6.4-40          7.8-50
BEST: H. Braybrook, J. Davis, K. Schilling, J. Thomas, B. Roth,
T. Patterson

GOAL KICKERS: T. Poharama-Tonga 3, H. Braybrook 2, A. Camp,
M. Downes, B. Roth, J. Kayser, J. Davis


Today we took on South Croydon at home in perfect conditions for a good hard game of footy. Usually when we play South Croydon the games have been played at a high level with both teams very evenly match and today’s game was no different.

Our boys started the game off really well with us kicking the first goal, but for a 6 minute period in the middle of the first quarter the boys switched off, they didn’t stick to our team structures and South Croydon made us pay for it as they kicked 4 goals in this period. To the boys credit they re-focused and took control of the quarter and kicked the next 3 goals to go into the quarter time break 1 point up.

The second quarter was a real arm wrestle as neither side gave up an inch, and even though neither team scored a goal in the second quarter the game was played at a high level. The second half is when the boys turned up the heat and played some of there best footy I have seen them play for a long time.

We ran off our lines and took the game on with quick ball movement, our aggression and hard tackling was fantastic as we put South Croydon under a lot of pressure. It was a well deserved win by the boys and a great TEAM performance to build from.

Round 5 v Scoresby

Scoresby        1.0  -6   2. 1-13   2.1-13    3. 1-  19
Chirnside Park 6.3-39  11.5-71 13. 9-87 18.13-121

BEST: J.Davis, T.Poharama-Tonga, J.Fiorentino, H.Braybrook,
          T. Paterson, L.Mosca, E. Gray

GOAL KICKERS: T.Poharama-Tonga 5, T.Paterson 2, H.Braybrook 2,
                           L.Mosca 2, C.Vorhauer, A.Camp, R.Tucker, S. Calcaterra,
                           J. Thomas, M. Downes, K. Schilling


Well this week we were on the road for the first time this year, playing against Scoresby who just came down from B grade who we usually have a great contest against.

We had a real good week of training as we needed to bounce back hard after a bad performance the week before. The boys played some of there best footy for the year, it was good to see the boys move the ball quickly and hit targets.

The pressure and hard tackling we put on Scoresby for four quarters of footy was fantastic. It was a well deserved victory by the boys, but we must now bring that form into this weeks game and try to win back to back games.

Round 4 v Upper Ferntree Gully

Chirnside Park 2.0-12 2.0-12 2. 1-13 2. 1- 13
Upper Ferntree Gully 3.4-22 8.7-55 11.10-76 19.11-125

BEST: J.Williams, T.Tonga, L.Mosca, M.Downes

GOALS: M. Downes 2.


Playing our third game at home and hoping to build on last weeks performance, things didn’t look good before the game as we had 21 players available but out of the 21 only 16 of them were fit as the other five were either carrying an injury into the game or not feeling well.

To my surprise though the boys first quarter was of good quality with both teams playing really good footy. But after quarter time it was like someone turned the off switch on and we stop playing footy. We didn’t stick to our structures, we stop running we just STOPPED.

Even though we were playing with only 16 fit players there is still no excuses to play the way we did for the last 3 quarters.

We will re group and train hard this week so we are ready to go for our next game which can’t come quick enough.

Round 3 v Knox

Chirnside Park 3.2-20  5 .7-37  7.8-50  9.11-65
Knox               0.0 .0  1. 2-  8  1.4-10  1.  4-10

BEST: A.Camp, J.Davis, J.Fiorentino, T.Paterson, R.Tucker, H.Braybrook

GOALS: J.Thomas 2, J.Davis 2, A.Camp, M.Downes, J.LaMorticella, L.Brown, S.Calcaterra


Well after having the bye first round, and playing a pretty good team in Bayswater last week where our boys looked very rusty.

The boys had to make a stand this week,as we said during the week at training there is no more excuses to be made if we lose. The boys trained really well Thursday and you could sense the boys were going to have a good game Sunday.

Playing at home and against a team we really don’t like that much the boys attitude before the game was great. From the first bounce we were switched on we played some really good footy, we dominated the first quarter having 15 inside 50 to Knox only 4, we didn’t take full advantage of this as we only went into quarter time kicking only 3 goals 2 points but we did keep Knox scoreless.

The rest of the game went pretty much the same way as the first with us dominating the play and the inside 50 count but we didn’t punish Knox on the scoreboard. It was pleasing to see our defence play a lot better this week as we kept Knox to only 1 goal for the game which is a great achievement.

It was also pleasing to see the boys move the ball more quickly and to look to the wider options and just not bomb the ball to a contest.

Lets build on this form now and really work on keeping possession of the ball and converting more from our inside 50 entries.

Round 2 v Bayswater

Chirnside Park   0.1- 1    1.2-  8   1.  3-  9   1.  3-  9
Bayswater         5.4-34   6.9-45  10.13-73  13.13-91
No report received

Round 1

Round 1 BYE