Thursday, June 29, 2017

Round 9 v Knox

Chirnside Park 3.12-30 10.15-75 15.23-113 20.28-148
Knox               1. 0-  6   2.  1-13   2. 1-  13   4. 3-  27

Goal Kickers: A. Foulis 4, M. Van de Maat 4, S. Williamson 3, J. Potts 3, M. King 2, J. Eales 2, D. Oliphant, C. Daniels


After a drop back to B grade we took on our old foes Knox after a week off. We started well although our goal kicking was a little astray our confidence grew and we come away for a well deserved victory.

Some great passages of play as we shared the ball around and everyone played their part, well done to the under 13 boys for helping us out.

Fantastic to see the boys sing the song with gusto after the game , something for us to build on as we look to finish the season on a positive note.

Round 7 v Blackburn

Blackburn Black  9.3-57 11.10-76 13.12-90 19.15-129
Chirnside Park     0.1- 1   1. 4-10    2. 7-19   2.  9- 21

Goal Kickers: M. Van de Maat 3

We were looking for a better effort this week but we didn't come to play and we were very disappointing in the 1st quarter.

Thankfully we found some more endeavour for the remainder of the game, let's bring that from the start next week

Round 4 v Nth Ringwood

North Ringwood  3.6-24  8.12-60  9 .18- 72  11.26-92
Chirnside Park   1.0-  6  1.  3-  9  2.  3- 15     3. 3- 21


Goal Kickers: M. King, A. Foulis, J. Potts


Again another tough day, our first half was disappointing as we let Nth Ringwood run unchecked.

Our second half was much more competitive as we showed some of our familiar fighting spirit, let's take that into next week.

Round 6 v Lysterfield

Lysterfield Teal  9.3-57 15.6-96  23.13-151  27.19-181
Chirnside Park  1.0-  6   2.0-12    3. 0-  18   4.   0- 24

We travelled to Lysterfield to take on the top side. We started well and tried hard but were outclassed by a hard running much bigger , stronger team.

Credit to the boys for a hard fought last quarter to meet our goals , a winnable game this week if we all do our jobs

Round 3 v The Basin

The Basin        3.3-21  4.3-27  6.3- 39 19.14-128
Chirnside Park 2.1-13  2.1-13  3. 1-19   4.  5- 29


GOALS: S. Williamson, A. Foulis, M. Van de Maat, J. Eales


A tough day today as we started with a few injuries and had a few more along the way
Although we started quite well we ran out of legs and were overwhelmed by the hard running The Basin A few back this week as we hope to have an improved effort

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