Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Round 7 v Donvale

Donvale           1.2-8 3.3-21 10.5-65 12.6-78
Chirnside Park 0.3-3 3.5-23  3.6-24   3.8-26

Goal Kickers: S. Packer 2, J. Jobling

Round 5 v Upper Ferntree Gully

Chirnside Park          1.0-  6 1.1-  7  1.1-  7  3.2-20
Upper Ferntree Gully 2.0-12  3.1-19  6.6-42  7.9-51

Round 4 v Mitcham

Mitcham          1.2-8 3.9-27 3.9-27  5.10-40
Chirnside Park 1.0-6 1.0-  6 2.3-15  2.  3-15

No report submitted

Round 2 v Wantirna Sth

Wantirna South   0.0 .0   2.1-13  3.1-19   5.2-32
Chirnside Park    3.4-22  5.4-34   8.5-53 12.6-78

BEST: Xavier, Nash, Riley, Caleb

GOALS: X. Smith 4, X. Leslie 2, R. Steer 2, M. Wilson, B. Cawood,
             B. Daniels, C. Daniels


Very proud of the way the kids went about there footy today. We set a standard prior to the game to tackle hard and split the game open so we could then run and play the game in the style we wanted to. Running creative football. Our forwards today were fantastic providing 12 goals due to the teams hard work getting good delivery down forward and locked it in with good pressure.

still a few areas we need to work on at training but overall it was one of those games that was great to coach and we executed our game style well today it was extremely hard to do awards as the whole team played well.

Awards Xavier smith best on ground (air action)

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Round 1 v East Ringwood

Chirnside Park  3.2.20  5.3.33  5.4.34  8.5.53
East Ringwood 1.0.  6  2.0.12  3.0.18  3.0.18

BEST: Joel, Xavier, Blake, Bohdie,Nash

GOALS J.Jobling 2, M. Austin, B. Mosca, X. Smith, L. Anderson,
R. Steer, X.Leslie


Congratulations to will Sheehan on playing a fantastic game on his 50th game.
Best win I've witnessed as a coach.

I'm so very proud that all the kids stood up today and did what we set out to achieve. That's to play team football.

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