Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Round 7 v Kilsyth

Kilsyth              0.0      2. 3-15  2.3-15 3.5-23
Chirnside Park  4.0-24  4.1- 25  5.1-31 5.2-32

Goal Kickers: M. De Iulio 4, a. testro

Round 6 v Rowville

Chirnside Park 1.3-9  2.3-15 3.4- 22  3.7-25
Rowville           1.0-6  1.1- 7  2.4-16   2.4-16

Round 5 v Donvale

Chirnside Park   0.0. 0  0.2. 2   1.3.  9  1.  3.  9
Donvale             2.5.17 2.7.19   2.7.19  3.10.28


Goal Kickers:


To day we matched up against a strong donvale side that come to play. Left our boys a little shell shocked in the first when we were found doing all the wrong things.

Tyler started well with a run and carry through the centre. In the second quarter we moved Zak into the ruck and started to get a few taps. Sunny was standing up in the back line with lucca and Aaron and tiger. Half time we found our selfs 17 points down.

We started getting first to the ball and started hitting the score board.

The two captains dan c and bailey stood up well but unfortunately donvale were just two strong on the day.

A loss we will learn from boys and be stronger for it

Award winners

Sonny Simonds (Medal)
Lucas Cardetta Tommy Nelsen
Zak Dudley
Lachie Avery

Round 4 v Upper Ferntree Gully

Upper Ferntree Gully  0.0       1.2- 8  1.2-   8  1.2-  8
Chirnside Park           2.2-14  4.2-26  5.2-32   5.2-32

BEST: Dan Cobelas, Dan King, Dan M, Jesse, Matty Lucca

Goal Kickers:L. Cobelas, M. De Iulio, D. King, D. Massarotti, R. Collins


Well today we found our selfs in another 1v2 clash.

Again upper gully came to play and it was a cold wet day. The captains for the day lead from the front again Aaron and Luca both running of half back flank.

Upper gully were hard at it and to the boys credit they were kept scoreless for three quarters. The boys really stood up and gus backing in and taking great mark, sunny standing up in the centre and bailey running out of half back got us over the line

Goal Kickers: Daniel Massarotti 1, Daniel King 1, Ryleigh Collins 1,
Marc Delulio 1, Luke Cobelas 1

Aaron Brock ( medal)
Bailey Mackenzie ( Pancake Parlour)
Luke Ferall ( Bakers Delight)
GUS Schilling ( Maccas )

Round 3 v Mooroolbark

Chirnside Park  0.1-1   2.1-13  4.1-25   5.4-34
Mooroolbark      1.0-6  1.0-  6  1.2-  8   1.2-  8

BEST: Dan Cobelas, Dan King, Dan M, Jesse, Matty Lucca

GOALS: Daniel King 3, Marc Delulio 1, Rayleigh Collins 1

Well to day we found our self in top of the table clash up against a tuff Mooroolbark outfit. Having played them in a practice match in pre season and going down by 3 goals we knew it was going to be a tuff hit out.

We asked all the boys will they be first to the ball and will they hit the ball with intensity and most of all will the stand up as a team.

Mooroolbark came out hard and fast and kicked the only goal in the first quarter our boys put the pressure on with Dan cobelas making 5 tackles almost resulting in a free kick every time.

The second quarter the boys came out fighting with both captains ryleigh and Jesse taking on the role as I asked. Keeping Mooroolbark scoreless and kicking two of our own goals the boys really stood up. In the second half we started to use our run and carry lead from Aaron Tadhg and lucca.

Up forward dan king stepped up to kick his 3 goal and the boys stood up. The backline in the last stood up strong lead from matty bursting out of full back with great attack on the ball, Jesse goal saving mark and helped out by Sunny, bailey and tommy c tackles shut down Mooroolbark.

Seems very fitting that the captain ryleigh kicked home the sealer. Came away winners Chirnside. 5-4-31
Mooroolbark 1-2- 8

Dan cobelas medal
Dan King
Dan m
Matty Lucca

Round 2 v Sth Croydon

South Croydon  0.1- 1  0.1- 1  1.4-10  1.4-10
Chirnside Park  2.5-17 2.5-17  4.6-30  8.8-56

BEST: Tadgh Hallin, Luke Cobelas, Ryleigh Collins, Lachlan Avery,
Luka Finta

GOALS: Marc Delulio 3, Daniel King 1, Lucas Cardetta 1,
Luke Cobelas 1, Luke Finta 1, Ryleigh Collins 1


Today we turned up to Fred geale oval to play south Croydon. The boys were keen and south Croydon came to play. We forgot our game plan that is intensity and first to ball and fell into souths game of chasing kicks up to half time.

Read more: Round 2 v Sth Croydon

Round 1 v Blackburn

Chirnside Park 4.1.25  7. 3.45  8.8.56  12.11.83
Blackburn        0.0  0. 0 .0.  1  0.1   1    0.  1. 1

BEST: Tyler, Jesse, Ryleigh, Dan King,

GOALS: Daniel King 2, Edan Daniels 2, Marc DeIulio 2,
Jay O’Sullivan 1, Daniel Massarotti 1, Tadhg Halion 1
Tyler Rooney 1, Luke Cobelas 1, Daniel Cobelas 1


The boys came out and hit the ball hard from the first bounce.

The two captains ( TADHG AND LACHIE) lead from the front all game.

We have team rules First to the ball, intensity and most of all TEAM MATES and they committed to all 3 more then we could ask.

For those at the game would have seen how hard the tackles were and hard at it the boys went all day. It was a great team effort all round.

16 noteable tackles most of them resulting in free kicks. 5 run & carry and 4 marks which resulted in goals.