Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Round 10 v Ferntree Gully Eagles

Last Sunday the boys had their first game at home vs Ferntree Gully Eagles. Will got us off to an amazing start kicking 2 goals in as many minutes. The boys worked hard in the ruck against opponents who were quite a bit bigger than them. Ryekan was a stand out in this role jumping to some amazing heights. We say it takes a team to win a game and our major focuses are effort and team work. The boys did not disappoint, with everyone playing their role and working hard for their mates. Goals were well spread Will (3), Aussie (1), Zak (1), Bruce (1) and congratulations to Hugh (1) who kicked his first goal for the team. Final scores were Chirnside 7.8.50 to Ferntree Gully 3.4.22. Awards this week went to
Ryekan (medal) Nathan Hugh Cooper Well done boys on a terrific game and thanks as always to our parent helpers

Round 9 v Glen Waverley

This we played away at Brentwood Reserve Glen Waverley. It was a bit of a road trip for our team this week, but the boys and girls were very excited to play against a quality team.
We won the toss and got off to a solid start. It was great to see everyone getting involved in the game. Ollie was winning the ruck. Aiden’s 1st and 2nd efforts were fantastic and set the standard for the game. Corey and Ryan were working well together with some great handballs. Campbell was working well in defence taking some great marks. Slater and Cody also got involved in the play and both boys had a great qtr. Unfortunately Glen Waverley kicked a late goal to finish the 1st qtr.
The 2nd qtr continued to see our team play some great footy. Jake A and Jake Mc both were working well around the ground. They had great support from Max who had started to get into the match. Corey continued to play well giving us a lot of drive from the backline. Nate and Kaiden were also doing a great job in the backline. Once again the opposition kicked a late goal in the qtr to undo all our hard work.
We went into the 2nd half full of confidence. Jade and Poppy set the standard for the 3rd qtr by attacking the ball hard. I was very proud of both our girls as they have improved so much this season. Matty went into the ruck and was doing well. Baylee went to Full Back and played a very solid 2nd half, spoiling everything that went his way. Campbell went onto the ball and had a great qtr. Ryan had a great game playing in the middle. Mitch’s shepherd was 1 of the highlights of the year, I’m very proud of you. Koby and Alex also got involved and had some great efforts throughout the qtr. Cody’s tackle late in the qtr was great and showed how hard our team was going at the ball.
We went into the last qtr with a lot of confidence. Jack, Jade and Jake A started well. Matty was controlling the ruck. Ollie was showing some great tackling pressure. Cooper was doing well playing in the centre and he had great support from Ethan on the wing. Charlie took a great mark that wasn’t paid but he had the skills to kick a great goal. Slater was good in defence and had great support from Aiden. Corey was everywhere in the last qtr getting many great possessions in the last term and he finished the game well.
Unfortunately we didn’t get the result today we wanted. But as an overall performance by our team I think it was one of the best I have been involved with by this group of great kids.
Keep up the good work; continue to work hard and the results will come our way. I’m very proud of you all.
I would like to thank a good friend and my 1st Captain at Chirnside Park (1989), Chris Gellert for taking the team for training Wednesday night. He did a great job showing the kids new skills, which we all got a lot out off.

Captains – Ryan & Campbell.
Goals – Charlie 1
Medals – Corey & Aiden
Awards – Slater, Poppy, Ethan, Baylee

Round 7 v Boronia

Goals – Cody 3, Matt 2, Cooper 1, Ollie 1, Jake Mc 1


This week’s match was played away at Miller Park against Boronia.

It was going to be an important game for our team after last week’s effort. I was hoping to see a big improvement.

For the 1st time this season we got off to a great start, winning the ball out of the middle on many occasions. Our Forwards didn’t let us down by creating many options. Matty kicked a couple of great goals to put us in a strong position at qtr time. Our Backline was also fantastic by following the team rules, playing man on man.

The 2nd and 3rd quarters saw us continue to play great footy. It was good to see everyone was having a go and getting involved in the match. Goals to Cooper, Ollie & Jake Mc saw the team rewarded by all the hard work. It was also good to see our centre line dropping back to create the wall.

We went into the last qtr with a simple message, continue to keep up the pressure with a lot of talk and shepherds and play as a team throughout the last 10 minutes.

We were able to achieve our target and finished off the last qtr strongly. Cody kicked 3 goals to top off a great game by all the team. It was our best effort so far this season and showed how well we can play as a team.

Well done everyone, I’m very proud of you all. Keep up the good work.


Captain – Slater
Medals – Slater & Matt

Awards – Max, Corey & Alex

Round 6 v Mooroolbark

This week’s game was played at home against Mooroolbark on a fine Sunday morning.

Our team got off to a very slow start against a switched on opposition.

We failed as a team to play by our game plans. This gave Mooroolbark too many easy possessions throughout the match.

We did play a lot better in the 2nd half of the match but we couldn’t get the much needed goals that would get us back into the game.

Unfortunately the result didn’t go our way this week as we were beaten by the better team on the day.

I look forward to seeing our young group bounce back next week. Keep your heads up.


Captains - Matthew & Jake A

Goals – Campbell 1


Medals – Jake A & Ryan

Bakers Delight/Pancake Parlour – Jake Mc, Charlie, Jack, Aiden, Jade & Cody

Round 5 v Wantitna Sth

This week's match was played away at Wantirna Reserve. It was a very cold morning to play a game of footy. It was great to see so many of the mums getting up early on Mother's Day to watch our Team play.

We played on a reduced size ground that didn't suit our style of play.

We came up against a very good opposition in Wantirna South. They made us work very hard throughout the match. As a team we played well in patches, but we couldn't take full control off the game. We had most of the play all game but couldn't make the most of the opportunities up forward.

As a group we still have so much to learn about footy. We need to listen more to the instructions given on game day and play more as a team. We need to man up more when the opposition have the ball and our centre line needs to create the wall. We also need to reward the players that are running hard to create options. More talk and shepherds are also needed to improve our game.

Overall it was another great result for our team.

Well done everyone, Winnie.

Captains for the Day Baylee & Mitch

Goals Campbell 2, Baylee & Ollie 1 each
Medals Campbell & Nate
McDonalds Poppy
Bakers Delight Alex & Mitch

Round 4 v Knox

This week’s game was played at home. We were lucky enough for the sun to come out for our game and we played in good conditions.
Knox started strongly and kicked the 1st goal, it took a few minutes for our team to settle into the tempo of the game. Our structures started to take place as we got ourselves back into the match. We went into QTR time break knowing we still had plenty to improve on. We needed to protect the ball carriers with shepherds and also needed more talk out on the ground.

We played some great team footy throughout the next 3 QTRS with everyone getting involved against a very good opposition.
The pleasing thing with today was that we are starting to settle into our game plan, with everyone doing their roles. As a coach, it was very good to watch.
We finished the game strongly with a lot of run and we were rewarded with a great result for our team.

We done everyone, keep up the good work.


Captains – Jade & Cody
Goals – Max, Slater, Charlie & Cody
Medal – Ethan
Bakers Delight - Ollie, Matthew, Max, Slater & Corey

Round 2 v Heathmont

After the long break between games we finally got to play Round 2. We played Heathmont at Heathmont.
We got off to a slow start with Heathmont dominating the 1st qtr. We looked like we didn’t want to play footy with the opposition showing us up on many occasions.

After a firm talking too at qtr time the team responded. We started to make more contests around the ground and our tackling pressure increased. Corey started to provide some run for us and Max’s goal was much needed and came from as a result of some good team work.
Our 3rd qtr was very good with everyone doing well. Jade and Baylee’s goals were the highlights for the qtr. Matthew was playing well in the ruck and had plenty of support from Jake Mc. Ryan and Charlie started to get themselves into the game and had some good touches throughout the term.
We went into the last qtr knowing that we needed to continue to play well. The opposition put us under a lot of pressure. Ollie and Cody were playing well on the ball. Kaiden, Ethan, Jake A, Cooper, Campbell and Jack played very well in the backline restricting Heathmont from scoring.
Aiden, Alex, Slater, Mitch, Koby and Poppy all got involved and played important parts throughout the match.

In a tight contest our team played very well after qtr time. I was impressed on how we got ourselves back into the contest and we didn’t give up. It was a great result for our group of players.
Well Done.

Captains: Aiden & Alex
Goals: Max, Jade & Baylee 1 goal each
Awards: Encouragement Medal - Cooper
Bakers Delight/McDonalds – Jade, Kaiden, Baylee & Jake A

Coach – Glenn Wyngaard

Round 1 v Lilydale

Our 1st game of the season was played at home.


The team got off to a great start with boys and girls playing some great football.
Our tackling was fantastic which put a lot of pressure on the opposition.
The teamwork was also impressive with everybody getting involved and sharing the ball.
As a coach I was very proud of the way we played today and it was a well-deserved result for the team.

Captain: Corey

GOALS: Baylee, Campbell, Matthew, Koby and Cody 1 goal each.


Encouragement Medal - Jack
Bakers Delight/McDonalds - Alex, Campbell, Matthew & Nate

Coach - Glenn Wyngaard